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ا د/ ايمن محمود صديق

2019-09-10 13:00:47
تهنئة بالعام الدراسى الجديد
السادة الزملاء - ابنائى وبناتى الطلاب والطالبات كل عام وانتم بخير بمناسبة العام الدراسى الجديد 2019-2020 واطيب تمنياتى للجميع بالتوفيق Read more

2019-09-10 12:56:42
جدول محاضرات النظرى وسكاشن العملى لمادة التخدير الفرقة الرابعة وجراحة القوائم والاشعة (جراحة خاصة) الفرقة الخامسة- الترم الاول- العام الجامعى 2019-2020
جدول محاضرات التخدير للفرقة الرابعة الترم الاول 2020 \ 2019 TOPIC DATE LECTURER 1 REGIONAL ANALGESIA (I) 22-26/9/19 ا د\ ايمن محمود صديق 2 LOCAL ANALGESIA (A) 29/9/-3/10/19 ام د\ محمد حسنى الرشيدى 3 REGIONAL ANALGESIA (II) 6-10/10/19 ا د\ ايمن محمود صديق 4 LOCAL ANALGESIA (B) 13-17/10/19 ام د\ محمد حسنى الرشيدى 5 REGIONAL ANALGESIA (III) 20-24/10/19 ا د\ ... Read more

2018-11-19 13:23:35
High Volar neurectomy in donkey Read more

2018-11-19 13:20:38
Posterior digital neurectomy in a donkey Read more

2018-11-19 13:18:19
قناة الجراحة البيطرية على اليوتيوب         Veterinary surgery channel on you tube Read more

2019-09-11 13:38:25 | Keywords under publication, : Intra-lingual; Self-Suckling,
Intra-lingual suture pattern for prevention of self-suckling in cows
The objective of the present study was to evaluate a new less-invasive surgical technique for prevention of self-suckling in dairy cows. A pre-clinical (experimental study) was conducted on three goats to detect the possible complications of the technique and the lingual pathological changes. The main clinical study was carried out on 37 dairy cows of mixed breeds, suffered from self-suckling, ... Read more

2018-09-23 08:12:50 | Keywords swelling,
Outcome of modified surgical treatment of some types of swelling in large ruminants with special reference to anatomical predisposition
A clinical study conducted on 74 animals affected with umbilical abscess, umbilical hernia, pre-sternal bursitis or olecranon bursitis. Minor modifications were made for different treatment methods and outcome of different surgical interventions were recorded. Results revealed that the gauze is better than plastic tube as a drain for abscess, fabricated sterile mesh is better than mattress suture for closure of ... Read more

2018-09-23 08:04:10 | Keywords tomographic,
Computed tomographic anatomy  and dissection anatomy of the frontal and maxillary sinuses in native Egyptian goats
Heads of 10 native Egyptian goats were used for studying the anatomical features of the frontal and maxillary sinuses, both grossly and by using computed tomographic (CT) imaging. The anatomical features of each sinus, its extent, its divisions, communication between its compartments, its connection with the nasal cavity, and their relation to the adjacent structures and other para-nasal sinuses were ... Read more

2018-09-23 07:57:14 | Keywords teat laceration,
Treatment of irreparable full-thickness teat laceration in goats by connecting gland cisterns
Blood supply of the teat was studied in six udder samples by radiography (3 samples) and latex (3 samples). Results revealed that the caudal mammary branch of the mammary artery terminates as cranial and caudal papillary arteries to supply the teat. Accordingly, seven goats with irreparable teat laceration were treated by teat excision and anastomosis of its gland cistern to ... Read more

2018-09-23 07:47:05 | Keywords urethrolithiasis,
New surgical technique for treatment of obstructive penile urethrolithiasis without interference with breeding capability: Clinical study on 25 calves
A clinical study performed on 25 calves suffered from urine retention with intact bladder as a result of lodgment of urinary stone at the penile sigmoid flexure. Paracentesis of the bladder were applied to the cases with over distended bladder. All animals were subjected to dorsal penile urethrotomy for removal of the stone and temporary retrograde catheterization of the bladder ... Read more