Aziz Awaad Aziz Mohamed

Lecturer - Lecturer

Faculty of science

Address: Sohag University, Faculty of Science, Department of Zoology, Sohag, Egypt.



Histochemistry, Nanobiology, Nanomaterials biodistribution

2018-10-02 07:48:24 | Keywords,
Histochemical and biochemical analysis of the size-dependent nanoimmunoresponse in mouse Peyer's patches using fluorescent organosilica particles
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE: The size-dependent mucosal immunoresponse against nanomaterials (nanoimmunoresponse) is an important approach for mucosal vaccination. In the present work, the size-dependent nanoimmunoresponse of mouse Peyer's patches (PPs) and immunoglobulin A (IgA) level was investigated using fluorescent thiol-organosilica particles. METHODS: Various sizes of fluorescent thiol-organosilica particles (100, 180, 365, 745, and 925 nm in diameter) were administered orally. PPs were analyzed ... Read more

2018-09-26 08:41:23 | Keywords Thiol-organosilica particles;,
Imaging of size-dependent uptake and identification of novel pathways in mouse Peyer's patches using fluorescent organosilica particles.
ABSTRACT We investigated size-dependent uptake of fluorescent thiol-organosilica particles by Peyer's patches (PPs). We performed an oral single-particle administration (95, 130, 200, 340, 695 and 1050 nm) and a simultaneous dual-particle administration using 2 kinds of particles. Histological imaging and quantitative analysis revealed that particles taken up by the PP subepithelial dome were size dependent, and there was an optimal ... Read more

2018-10-02 07:57:26 | Cell Biology
Cell Biology
3r year zoology Read more