Essam Eldin Salem Moursy

Professor - professor of urology

Faculty of medicine

Address: Sohag- urology department, Sohag faculty of medicine, Sohag , Egypt



I am Prof Dr Essam Eldin Salem, Professor  of  urology  in Sohag  faculty  of medicine .

I  aml also the  head  of   the  uro-oncology  section of the  Egyptian urologic  association.

It  is my  great  pleasure to welcome all of you to visit my web site

2018-10-16 19:33:15 | Keywords genital sparing radical cystec,
Orthotopic genital sparing radical cystectomy in pre‑menopausal women with muscle‑invasive bladder carcinoma: A prospective study
INTRODUCTION: Invasive cancer bladder is a life-threatening disease that is best treated with radicalcystectomy and a suitable urinary diversion. The aim of this study was to evaluate the oncological outcome, voiding and sexual functions after genitalsparingradicalcystectomy with orthotopicbladder reconstruction in pre-menopausalwomen with bladder cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 18 pre-menopausalwomen who underwent radicalcystectomy and orthotopic urinary diversion with preservation of genital ... Read more

2018-10-16 19:37:03 | Keywords hepatocyte B6,
Reduced expression of erythropoietin-producing hepatocyte B6 receptor tyrosine kinase in prostate cancer
ABSTRACT Loss of erythropoietin-producing hepatocyte (Eph) B6 gene expression is associated with poor prognosis in neuroblastoma, melanoma and other tumors. The present study evaluated the expression of EphB6 receptor tyrosine kinase in normal and prostate cancer tissue using immunohistochemistry. The association between EphB6 expression, clinicopathological findings, proliferating-cell nuclear antigen (PCNA; another prognostic marker) and progression of prostate cancer was analyzed. ... Read more

2018-10-16 19:30:52 | Keywords Colon Radiological Delineation,
Colon Radiological Delineation Technique Prior to Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in Patients With Horseshoe Kidney
ABSTRACT OBJECTIVE: To develop a technique that helps avoid colonic injury during percutaneousnephrolithotomy (PCNL) in these patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS:PATIENTS AND METHODS: PCNL was prospectively performed in a cohort of adults with renal stones in a horseshoekidney (HSK). PCNLs were done using a standardized technique in prone position in all patients. The colon was radiologically delineated by injecting air-through a ... Read more

2018-10-16 19:34:59 | Keywords nocturnal enuresis,
Combined laser acupuncture and desmopressin for treating resistant cases of monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis: A randomized comparative study
OBJECTIVE: Monosymptomaticnocturnalenuresis (MNE) is a common sociomedical problem affecting children that may persist until adulthood despite various lines of therapy. The aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of combinedlaseracupuncture and desmopressin in managing patients with resistant MNE, compared with their efficacy when used as monotherapy. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study included 186 patients with a mean age ... Read more

2018-10-16 19:20:37 | Keywords adolescent varicocele,
Dilemma of adolescent varicocele: long-term outcome in patients managed surgically and in patients managed expectantly.
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate outcomes of adolescentvaricocele in the case of surgical versus conservative management. METHODS: 173 adolescentpatients presenting with varicocele were evaluated clinically and sonographically to define varicocele grade and testicular volume. The patients were divided into 2 groups: A (53) with testicular size discrepancy >20% and bilateral varicoceles; B (120) unilaterally affected patients with testicular size discrepancy patients. Group ... Read more