Mohamed Abd El-Aziz Ahmed abd El-Galil

Professor - استاذ

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Address: سوهاج کلیه الطب البیطری



الاسماك من اهم مصادر البروتين الحيواني التي تتميز بسعر مناسب وتتوافر في السوق المصري ويمتاز لحم الاسماك بسهولة الهضم وانه غني في الدهون الغير مشبعة المفيدة للصحة وخالي من الكوليسترول وغني في الفسفور واليود والكالسيوم والاملاح المعدنية الاخري التي لا غني عنها للجسم والصحة العامة للانسان بالاضافة الي تقوية الدورة الدموية للمخ

2018-11-05 07:53:03 | Keywords Tenacibaculum maritimus; Rhine,
Pathological Findings of Tenacibaculum maritimus Infection in Black Damselfish, Neoglyphieodon melas and Picasso Triggerfish, Rhinecanthus assasi in Red Sea, Egypt
An outbreak of a disease with external body lesions in Picasso triggerfish (Rhinecanthus assasi) and black damselfish (Neoglyphieodon melas) has been observed in the indoor aquarium of NIOF, Hurghada, Egypt. Thirty Picasso triggerfish and thirty-five black damselfish were clinically affected with gross skin lesions. The affected fishes were euthanized for gross, histological and bacteriological examinations. The disease onset started after ... Read more

2018-11-05 08:02:12 | Keywords Dipterex, Lernaeosis, Fingerli,
Studies on Lernaeosis and the efficacy of Dipterex as treatment in the Hatchery Reared Fingerlings of Cyprinids
The lernaea infested fingerlings of cyprinids showed the attachment of worm-like grey to greenish coloured copepods distributed along the both sides of the body, peduncle region especially at the base of caudal fin, base of dorsal fin and the buccal region. The sites of attachment were hemorrhagic nodules in C. carpio fingerlings and reddening without swollen margins in C. idella ... Read more

2018-11-05 08:04:36 | Keywords Edwardsiellosis, O. niloticus, ,
Edwardsiellosis affected cultured O. niloticus showed haemorrhages allover the body especially at base of pectoral fins, operculum and belly, hemorrhagic mouth, protruded and congested vent, fin rot and exophthalmia. The isolated strains were identified biochemically as citrate negative and citrate positive E. tarda and the identification was confirmed by API20E system and PCR. The citrate negative isolate was highly pathogenic ... Read more

2018-11-05 08:06:45 | Keywords Neoglyphi, Rhinecanthus assasi,
Epidemiological and bacteriological studies on tenacibaculosis in some Red Sea fishes, Egypt
Tenacibaculosis is a serious bacterial disease known to affect many species of marine fish such as Rhinecanthus assasi (Picasso Trigger fish), Neoglyphieodon meles (Black damsel fish) and Cheilinuslunu latus (Broomtail wrasse). Tenacibaculum maritimum pathogen was recovered from ulcers, livers and spleens of clinically diseased fishes from coral reef in the marine site off the National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries ... Read more

2018-11-05 08:08:30 | Keywords T. maritimum, Tenacibaculosis, ,
Experimental Infection of Tenacibaculosis and a Trial for Treatment by Plant Extract Carvacrol in Surge Wrasses Fish (Thalassoma Purpureum)
The experimental infection of surge wrasses fish by Tenacibaculum maritimum was successfully conducted through immersion bath for 18hrs in 1.5x106 suspension, the infected fish exhibited skin ulcers, stomatitis, tail rot, signs of respiratory distress as gasping and accumulation at air source site in association with 60% mortality. Carvacrol is a major compound of oregano and thyme and has antimicrobial activity ... Read more