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2019-05-23 13:22:37
المؤتمر الدولى (تقليل الفاقد من الأغذية) بجامعة الموارد الطبيعية بمدينة فيينا بالنمسا 25-26 ابريل 2019
تحدث المؤتمر عن اسباب الفقد فى الغذاء وكيفية استخدام الطرق الحديثة لإدارة وتقليل هذا الفاقد ، كما تضمن المؤتمر ورش عمل متعلقة بذات الموضوع Read more

2019-05-23 12:48:58
الخميرة: كنز فيتامين ب
الخميرة من عجائب التغذية وغنية بفيامين ب والأحماض الأمنية المفيدة ، وتعد من اإذية الجمال والنشاط والحيوية ، لو عجبك الفيديو متنساش تشترك فى القناة Read more

2019-05-23 12:44:18
تفتكر ايه اللى هيحصل لوزنك فى رمضان؟ Read more

2022-12-30 11:04:31 | Keywords date seed; plant proteins; fun,
Improving the Functional Performance of Date Seed Protein Concentrate by High-Intensity Ultrasonic Treatment
Date kernel is a plant-derived byproduct that has the potential to be converted into a high-value-added food ingredient, such as protein concentrate, in the food industry. Ultrasound, whichis an alternative method for improving the functional properties of food proteins, is an effectivephysical treatment for modifying protein functionality. Solubility is the main criterion that primarilyaffects other functional properties of protein concentrates, ... Read more

2018-11-27 21:44:26 | Keywords PMI, PMD, Osteoprosis, Dairy,
Effect of Dairy Products Intake and Some Physical Activities in Body Mass Index and Bone Mineral Density: A Survey at Sohag University
This study designed to determine the effects of dairy products (milk, yogurt and cheese) intake and some physical activities (walking, running and using elevators) on bone mineral density (BMD) and body mass index (BMI) which are used as indicators of Osteoporosis and Obesity respectively. BMI was calculated by dividing weight (kg) by the square of height (m2) and classified as ... Read more

2019-05-23 13:07:53 | Keywords Cereal, antioxidant, Bproducs,
Cereal grain by-products as natural antioxidants
This study was carried out to investigate the changes in chemical composition, total phenolic compounds content, phytate content and free radical scavenging abilities against DPPH assay during soaking and germination of three cereal grains; wheat (Sids 1), corn (H310 White) and sorghum (Giza 15). On the other hand, the present work is also aimed to use the fractions of those ... Read more

2018-11-27 22:05:24 | Keywords Beef Burger, TBA,
Utilization of cereal grain fractions to improve oxidative stability of beef burgers under chilled storage
_This investigation was carried out to study the possibility of using some cereal milling fractions as natural antioxidants__source to improve the oxidative stability of beef burgers. The %DPPH scavenging activity of cereal grain fractions cleared that the sorghum milling fractions recorded the highest antioxidants activity (37.28-50.52%) compared with other grains milling fractions. The ability to scavenge DPPH radicals by fractions ... Read more

2018-11-27 20:57:57 | Keywords total phenolic, dpph, wheat,
The aim of this work to investigate the changes in total phenolic content and free radical scavenging abilities against the stable 2, 2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH assay) during soaking and germination of three cereal grains; wheat (Sids 1), corn (H310 White) and sorghum (Giza 15) grown in Sohag Governorate, Egypt. Total phenolic compounds in wheat, sorghum and corn were 381.4, 288.5 and ... Read more