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استاذ - وكيل كلية الآثار للدراسات العليا والبحوث - مؤسس ومدير مركز النشر العلمى بجامعة سوهاج - مؤسس ورئيس تحرير المجلة المصرية الدولية لدراسات الأثار والترميم (EJARS)

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العنوان: مكتب وكيل كلية الآثار للدراسات العليا والبحوث - الدور الرابع - مبني كلية الآثار - الكوامل




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وكيل كلية الآثار للدراسات العليا والبحوث

مدير مركز النشر العلمى بجامعة سوهاج

1.	The environmental factors affecting the archaeological buildings in Egypt, In press, Lambert academic pub
It is well known that the stone decay is determined by the type of stone and by the dominated surrounded factor affecting the archaeological building amount and source of moisture. This book aims to the studying the different environmental factors affecting the archaeological buildings in Egypt. It contains the scientific series of 5 CHAPTERS under main title "The environmental factors ... إقراء المزيد

2018-09-16 09:27:34 | الكلمات المفتاحية Compressive strength, Efflorescence, Powdering, Consolidants, nanoparticles,
1.	Influence of acrylic coatings and nano-materials on the interfacial, physical, and mechanical properties of limestone-based monuments “Amenemhat II temple as a case study”
The present paper covers the study of limestone consolidants based on acrylic polymer (Paraloid B-72), Ca(OH)2 nanoparticles (Nanolime) and the acrylic polymer mixed with Ca(OH)2 nanoparticles. The experimental study was conducted on limestone samples from El-Ashmunein archaeological area, Minia, Egypt. Some tests were done for studying the behavior of the consolidants used. The main goal of these tests was to ... إقراء المزيد

2018-09-16 09:29:28 | الكلمات المفتاحية Alteration, Solar effects, Burial effects, Avenue of the Sphinxes,
2.	Alteration parameters affecting the Luxor Avnuxe of the Sphinxes-Egypt, Science of the
Stone alteration in the environment is caused by various extrinsic disintegration agents, besides, their intrinsic properties “mineralogical composition, textures and internal structure”. Therefore, the purpose of the current study was to evaluate the weathering state affecting the Luxor Avenue of the Sphinxes by studying its chemical, mineralogical and physio-mechanical characteristics, in addition to morphological features. Scientific techniques, such as X-ray ... إقراء المزيد

2018-09-16 09:31:35 | الكلمات المفتاحية XRD, Stereo M, PM, Petra, SEM, weathering,
3.	Environmental impacts: Weathering factors, mechanism and forms affected the stone decaying in Petra
The decay of stones in a natural environment is governed by extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Petra is exposed for centuries to the severe climatic conditions especially temperature (T), total monthly rainfall (TMR) and relative humidity (RH). In this regard, there are negative effects that result from these climatic elements on stone; which affect or are based on the chemical characteristics ... إقراء المزيد

2018-09-16 09:33:58 | الكلمات المفتاحية Discoloration, Ventilation, Degradation, Passive indicator, Monitoring,
4.	Monitoring air pollutants and dust in Luxor museum of the ancient art
Air pollutants and dust affected the artifacts in Luxor museum; one of the most important museums in Egypt and the Middle East. Therefore, the present investigation is concerned with air pollutants and dust that may be affective or catalyst in the deterioration of Luxor museum's artifacts using the following technique: a) The checker of PH used for monitoring and identifying ... إقراء المزيد