Mona Al-Deeb Mahmoud Marzouk

Demonistrator - Clinical demonstrator in obstetrics and gynecological nursing, faculty of nursing , sohag university

Faculty of Nursing

Address: Abar-Akhmim – Sohag



Abrief about me

my name is Mona Al-Deeb Mahmoud Marzouk , I'm 26 years old ,I'm clinical demonstrator at obstetrics and gynecological nursing , faculty of nursing , Sohag university , Sohag ,Egypt

I'm very good writing and speaking at English , Holda aBachelor of Nursing in 2013 with agrade Excellent with honors and percentage 90.12%, Holds aLicense to  the International Computer Driving

I like my field and my dream is to be experience in obstetrics nursing

Now I study for post master degree in obstetrics and gynecological nursing at cairo university



2018-10-28 17:25:44
Application 3
Dear third year students: uterine massage application will be done to section 3 Group B from 12-2PM in the third floor , obstetrical and gynecological department Read more

2018-10-24 17:13:19
_Dear third year students, the coming thrusday quiz will begin at 11 AM in the third floor , obstetrical and gynecological department_ Read more

2018-10-18 22:53:23
application 2
Dear third year students , abdominal examination application will be done the next thrusday 25/10/2018 to section 3 Group D from 2-4 pm Read more

2018-10-18 22:41:52
_ Dear third year students, application of assessment of uterine contraction will be done the next wedenesday 24/10/ 2018 to section 2 Group B from 12-2 PM _ Read more

2018-10-18 21:40:16
quiz 1
Dear third year students : quiz1 will be done next thrusday 25/10//2018 in the third floor,obstetric and gynecological department Read more

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N o publications till now
No publications till now Read more

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