Om Hashem Gomaa Ragab

Lecturer - ----

Faculty of Nursing

Address: Egypt - Sohag - Akhmim



Lecturer of Nursing administration - Faculty of Nursing - Sohag university

Past Manager of Clinical Institue of Nursing- Faculty of Nursing - Sohag university

Past Manager of Nursing Continuous Training Center- Faculty of Nursing - Sohag university

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Ramadan Kareem!!
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Do well in exams
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Problem-Based Learning Strategy Effect on Nurses' Knowledge and Patients' Health Behaviour Outcomes Post Myringoplasty
Myringoplasty is a repair of tympanic membrane perforation to restore and improve hearing function. Health belief model (HBM) is the suggested tool to measure the effect of post-operative instructions using problembased learning strategy on patients' to maintain hearing and health behaviour. A well prepared nursing staff provides long lasting instructions for patients. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of ... Read more

2018-09-12 14:28:58 | Keywords Nursing staff, Stress, Physical symptoms, Time management,
Nursing profession is connected with stressful situations such as unstable work time, excessive workload, paper work, and so on. Nurses should provide quality care, while avoiding stress. Time management is necessary to do so. The study aim is to identify the relation between time management and physical symptoms of stress. Study design: Descriptive correlational design was carried out. Method: sample ... Read more

Relationship among quality of nurses' work life, organizational culture and Turnover Intention at Assiut University Hospital
Introduction: Nurses are amongst the employees whose lives are fully affected by the quality of work life CQWL) as a consequence of dynamic changes in work environment. The aim was to investigate the relationship among nurses' quality of work life, organizational culture and turnover intention at Assiut University Hospital. Design: A correlational descriptive design was used. Setting: four Intensive Care ... Read more

2018-09-12 14:50:10 | Keywords Marketing, Nursing profession,
Marketing nursing profession for nurses
Internal marketing programs in nursing schools, faculties, hospitals and other health care organizations are recommended in order to help increase job satisfaction and employee retention, and to enrich the work environment by having employees who truly enjoy their profession. Read more

Nursing Activities Score: an updated guideline for its application in the Intensive Care Unit
Objective: To describe nursing workload in Intensive Care Units (ICU) in different countries according to the scores obtained with Nursing Activities Score (NAS) and to verify the agreement among countries on the NAS guideline interpretation. Method: This cross-sectional study considered 1-day measure of NAS (November 2012) obtained from 758 patients in 19 ICUs of seven countries (Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, ... Read more