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2018-10-01 09:03:43
Clinical Teaching
The clinical teaching for the first aid measures will be supplied by me in the Skill Lab in the 6th week of the clinical round Read more

2018-10-01 08:59:31
The section of Larynx Lectures will be supplied by me and Dr Mahmoud Hamed Read more

2018-09-25 09:09:37 | Keywords
SOM CLEFT Scoring/Staging System for Tympanomastoid Cholesteatoma
Tympanomastoid cholesteatoma has no accepted staging or scoring system up till now. Many classifications/staging were adopted worldwide; yet, failed to gain acceptance. We adopted a newly designed, objective, broad, decisive scoring system for all types of tympanomastoid cholesteatoma that focused on the basic biologic behavior of this serious disease to cover all the black spots in the previous scoring and ... Read more

2018-09-25 10:10:52 | Keywords fungus; nasal polyp; prevalenc,
Are Fungal Infections the cause of Allergic Fungal Rhinosinusitis Among Patients With Nasal Polyposis?
INTRODUCTION: Allergic fungal rhinosinusitis (AFRS) is a noninvasive type of fungal rhinosinusitis (FRS) that is diagnosed by fulfilling five diagnostic criteria. OBJECTIVES: We aimed to study the fungal etiology of AFRS and to evaluate the prevalence of AFRS among patients with CRS with nasal polyposis (CRSwNP) that underwent endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) at Sohag University Hospital. PATIENTS AND METHODS: A ... Read more

2018-09-25 08:59:51 | Keywords OME; tympanometry; gradient; c,
Prediction of Fluid Characteristics in Pediatric Otitis Media With Effusion From the Tympanometry
Objective: To correlate the characteristics of type B tympanogram with the type of middle ear fluid in children suffering from persistent OME. Methodology: A prospective study was conducted on children with persistent OME for more than 3 months who failed to respond to medical treatment with type B tympanogram in one or both ears, and were candidate for myringotomy. The ... Read more

2018-09-25 08:41:20 | Keywords Bone Resorption; Cholesteatoma,
Cytokeratin 13, Cytokeratin 17, and Ki-67 Expression in Human Acquired Cholesteatoma and Their Correlation With Its Destructive Capacity
OBJECTIVES: Cholesteatoma is a nonneoplastic destructive lesion of the temporal bone with debated pathogenesis and bone resorptive mechanism. Both molecular and cellular events chiefly master its activity. Continued research is necessary to clarify factors related to its aggressiveness. We aimed to investigate the expression of Ki-67, cytokeratin 13 (CK13) and cytokeratin 17 (CK17) in acquired nonrecurrent human cholesteatoma and correlate ... Read more

2018-09-25 08:38:42 | Keywords Acquired; Bone Resorption; Cho,
Pathogenesis and Bone resorption in Acquired Cholesteatoma: Current knowledge and Future Prospectives
Cholesteatoma is a cystic non tumorous lesion of the temporal bone that has the ability to destroy nearby structures by its power to cause bone resorption and as a result, fatal complications prevail. We aimed to conduct a comprehensive review for pathogenesis of acquired cholesteatoma, bone resorption mechanisms, and offer a future vision of this serious disease. We have reviewed ... Read more

Undergraduate Couse
The medical students should attend the outpatient clinic according to the schedule to learn methods of examination of the external nose, mouth and oropharynx, ear and head and neck. In addition, should study the clinical photos supplied Read more

Undergraduate Clinical Teaching
To study the first aid measures file and attend the practice in the Skill Lab and do these measures by yourself and your colleagues Read more