Shaimaa Mohamed Mahmoud Sayed

Lecturer - Lecturer of paediatrics

Faculty of medicine

Address: paediatric department , Sohag Faculty of Medicine


Office hours
Id Office Address From to days
1 pediatric department, seminar room 11am - 1pm الأربعاء
2 pediatric intermediate care unit, ped department, sohag university hospital 11am - 1pm الخميس
3 pediatric emegency unit, pediatric department, sohag university hospital 9 am - 11am الخميس
4 pediatric arrhythmias outpatient clinic, first floor, student teaching building 10 am - 12pm الثلاثاء
5 pediatric ICU, pediatric depart., sohag university hospital 12 am - 2 pm الأحد, الثلاثاء
6 soahag faculty ofmedicine, student teaching building 10 am - 12 am الأحد