Tarek Abulezz

Professor - Professor of Plastic Surgery

Faculty of medicine

Address: Plastic Surgery Dep., Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University



Journal Club

2019-04-27 00:33:37 0 Supplement | 0 Task
What does "Journal Club" mean? How was the beginning? What are the criteria of a successful journal club? What are the benefits? All of these items will be demostrated in the following presentation Please ... Read more

Local Anesthetics in Plastic Surgery

2018-11-21 23:56:05 0 Supplement | 0 Task
A local anesthetic is an agent that interrupts pain impulses in a specific region of the body without a loss of patient consciousness. Normally, the process is completely reversible … the agent does not ... Read more

Electric Burns

2018-10-11 18:00:18 0 Supplement | 1 Task
This is a Powerpoint presentation on electric burns and how to deal with the victim. Read more

WHO Burn Management Recommendations

2018-10-11 17:38:46 1 Supplement | 0 Task
This is a PDF file contains the recommendations of the WHO for the management of burn victim. It is very useful and concise. Read more

Nursing of the burned patient

2018-10-02 09:01:21 0 Supplement | 0 Task
Evaluation of the burn injury... Dressing of the burn wound Prevention of burns Firstaid measures of burns this lecture is suitable for student of Faculty of Nursing Read more

First Aid Measures for Burn Victim

2018-10-02 08:53:20 1 Supplement | 0 Task
A powerpoint presentation about the firstaid measures that should be done for the burn victim Read more

كيف تتعامل مع مصاب الحروق

2018-10-02 08:51:09 0 Supplement | 0 Task
ماهى الاسعافات الأولية التى يجب أن نقدمها لمصاب الحروق؟ و كيف يتم عمل غيار على الحرق؟ محاضرة باللغة العربية تهدف الى نشر الثقافة الطبية الصحيحة Read more

Prevention of Burns

2018-10-02 08:40:42 1 Supplement | 0 Task
A Powerpoint presentation about how to prevent burn injuries. Read more

تقييم مصاب الحروق

2018-10-02 08:32:40 0 Supplement | 0 Task
هى محاضرة باللغة العربية حول كيفية تقييم مصاب الحروق ... و هى تهدف الى نشر الوعى الطبى الصحيح بين أهالينا Read more


2018-10-01 07:24:11 1 Supplement | 0 Task
A Powerpoint presentation about the recent advances in gluteoplasty ... History of gluteoplasty. Different surgical techniques used in contouring the buttock area... and future prospects. Read more