Alaa- Eldin Hassan Mohamed (Alaa Elsuity)

Professor - Professor of General Surgery

Faculty of medicine

Address: 25 El-Gomhoryia Street- Elmoubarak Tower-Sohag



Differential Diagnosis of left iliac fossa masses in ...

2018-10-17 10:26:33 Clinical Course for undergraduate Students in General Surgery
A Lecture Presented to medical students to clarrify the following items:- 1-Differential diagnosis of left iliac fossa masses. 2-How to interpret symptoms , signs, and diagnose different causes. 3-Diagnosis. Read more

Neoplasm of Salivary Glands

2018-10-17 09:55:21 Undergraduate Course for Salivary Gland
A LECTURE PRESENTED TO UNDERGRADUATE MEDICAL STUDENTS TO CLARIFY THE FOLLOWING ITEMS:- 1- Benign and malignant causes of salivary glands swellings. 2- Parotid swellings (Benign and malignant causes). 3-Pleomorphic adenoma -Pathology _clinical pictures -complications ... Read more

Approch to a Child with Lymphadenopathy

2018-10-16 13:52:14 Undergraduate Course of Lymphatic System
Lecture Presented to undergraduated medical students which clarify the followings items:- 1-Different causes of lymphadenopathy * Infectious causes (Bacterial , Viral, protozoal). * Non-Infectious causes. * Malignant causes. * Common other causes. 2-Conditions mimic ... Read more

Pathophysiology of Simple Goitre.

2018-10-16 12:27:28 Undergraduate Course of Thyroid Gland Diseases
This Supplement Include :- 1-Physiology and Hormonal synthesis of thyroid gland. 2-Differentation between different types of simple goitre. 3-Interpretation of Laboratory findings. Read more

Update Management of common Bile Duct Stones

2018-10-16 11:58:24 Undergraduate Course of Hepatobiliary Diseases
This supplement include:- 1-Etiology of common bile duct (CBD) stones. 2-Clinical diagnosis. 3-Biochemical diagnosis. 4-Radiological diagnosis. 5-Pre-operative reisk. assessement. 6-ERCP 7-Laporoscopic Exploration. 8-Post operative management. Read more

Management of Biliary Strictures

2018-10-16 11:50:14 Undergraduate Course of Hepatobiliary Diseases
This Supplement include:- 1-Definition of biliary stricture. 2-Surgical anatomy of the biliary tree. 3-Types of biliary stricture. 4-Causes of biliary stricture. 5-Investigations. 6-treatments. Read more

Management of Early Breast Cancer

2018-10-16 11:41:43 Undergraduate Course for Breast Diseases
This supplement include:- 1-Diagnosis of early breast Cancer. 2-Early detection of early breast cancer. 3-Triple assesment of early breast cancer. 4-Self detection of early breast cancer. 5-Treatment of early breast cancer. Read more

Road traffic accidents

2018-10-10 21:49:20 Conference presentations
Talk presented at a number of national and international conferences Read more

Basic surgical procedures

2018-10-10 21:43:30 Postgraduate course of surgery
Lecture delivered to postgraduate students of surgery Read more

Gastric tumors

2018-10-10 20:57:38 Undergraduate course of Gastroduodenal Disease
Lecture delivered to undergraduate medical students Read more