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Socratic Moral Psychology
The term “Socratic intellectualism” has come commonly to be used to describe either of two somewhat related features of Socratic philosophy, which may be called “virtue intellectualism” and “motivational intellectualism.” Socrates is generally, though perhaps not universally, regarded as a virtue intellectualist because he believed that all virtue is in some sense constituted by a certain kind of knowledge. In ... إقراء المزيد

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Socrates was not entirely successful in saving Athens from its antiphilosophical ways, yet nonetheless Athens owed him thanks. Likewise a number of readers have not entirely succeeded in saving this book from error, yet nonetheless I owe them thanks. Brian Hutler – with his genius for philosophy, his savvy as a manuscript reviewer, his devoted and detailed comments on each ... إقراء المزيد

أفلاطون والفضيلة
تناول الكتاب تصور افلاطون للفضيلة الوارد على لسان استاذه سقراط في المحاورات ، واختتم العرض بمقارنة بين الفضيلة التي قال بها افلاطون وبين الفضيلة عند الفارابي. إقراء المزيد