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Publications Which contain the keyword: aberrant

2018-10-01 11:59:54 Keywords MIMO, SM, GSM, F-GSM, ABER, Achievable data rate, aberrant, Spectral efficiency,
Fully Generalised Spatial Modulation
This paper introduces a novel multiple-input–multiple-output (MIMO) modulation technique named fully-generalised spatial modulation (F-GSM). The proposed F-GSM vanquishes the pivotal criticism of the conventional spatial modulation (SM) and generalised spatial modulation (GSM) techniques which constraints the data rate increment to be proportionated with the base-two logarithm of the number of the transmit antennas ( ). This logarithmical proportion regrettably, makes ... Read more

2018-09-25 09:11:12 Keywords aberrant, LEUKEMIA, CD Markers,
Aberrant Expression of CD Markers in Cases with Acute Leukemia in Sohag University Hospital
INTRODUCTION: Acute leukemias are a group of malignancies with clinical, morphologic, immunologic, and molecular patterns and display patterns of surface antigen expression (CD antigens). Precursor cells from different blast cells in acute leukemia express different subdivisions of surface molecules many of which are now defined as cluster of differentiation (CD) antigens. Every leukemia type has specific set of CD markers, ... Read more

2018-09-02 18:10:57 Keywords liver transplantation, aberrant, Hepatic Artery,
Impact of aberrant left hepatic artery ligation on the outcome of liver transplantation
The preservation of a graft’s aberrant left hepatic artery (LHA) during liver transplantation (LT) ensures optimal vascularization of the left liver but can also be considered a risk factor for hepatic artery thrombosis (HAT). In contrast, ligation of an aberrant LHA may lead to hepatic ischemia with the potential risk of graft dysfunction and biliary complications. The aim of this ... Read more

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