Eman Muhammad Salah El-Deen Muhammad Shalabi

Professor - Professor Emeritus of Pathology

Faculty of medicine

Address: القوصية - محافظة أسيوط



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2020-07-17 23:42:05 Keywords Nestin, gliomas, stem cell,
Immunohistochemical expression of Nestin as Cancer Stem Cell Marker in gliomas
Background: Gliomas represent the most frequent primary tumors of central nervous system (CNS), contributing to more than half of the incidence of brain tumors. Cancer stem cell markers (CSC) identify a group of patients at high risk for progression. Nestin is an intermediate filament (IF) protein was first described as a neural stem cell/progenitor cell marker. Nestin-positive neuroepithelial stem cells ... Read more

2020-07-23 22:13:50 Keywords stem cell, ALDH1B1, colorectal,
Immunohistochemical Expression of Cancer Stem Cell marker Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1B1 (ALDH1B1) in Colorectal Carcinoma
Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common cause of cancer-related death in the US. One out of four patients presenting with conventionally staged node negative disease (AJCC Stage I and II), and over 50% of patients with Stage III disease will develop local recurrence and/ or metastases. Across all stages, approximately 30% of patients will develop distant metastases. ... Read more

2018-10-22 08:27:08 Keywords stem cell, therapy,
Stem Cell Therapy
STEM CELLS have an intersting history,it traces from mid of 1800 to the date , and it remains the most controversial issue of research even today.The ability of stem cells to self- renew and give rise to generations with variable degrees of differentiation capacities, ofers significant potential for generation of tissues that can replace diseased and damaged ones AIM OF ... Read more