Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abu-Dief

Assistant Professor - Assistant professor of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Faculty of science

Address: Behind hospital of Sohag University - Ali Ebn Abi Taleb Street



Publications Which contain the keyword: Depression Anxiety.

2018-10-31 14:23:49 Keywords sohag university, breast cancer, Depression Anxiety.,
•	Depression and Anxiety among Females with Breast Cancer in Sohag University: Results of an Interview Study.
Abstract Background: Limited research on psychiatric disorders prevalence among Upper Egyptian women treated for breast cancer. To our knowledge, no studies published earlier from our locality considering this issue. Purpose: To explore the prevalence of anxiety and depression in a sample of women treated for breast cancer and to find possible associated factors for these disorders. Design: A cross-sectional observational ... Read more

2018-10-31 15:45:37 Keywords epilpesy, Depression Anxiety.,
Epilepsy correlates of depression and anxiety in patients with idiopathic epilepsy
BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY: _Psychological disorders especially depression and anxiety occurs more commonly in epileptic patients than non-epileptics. __We aim in this study to __determine frequency and factors implicated in the development of depression and anxiety in patients with epilepsy._ PATIENTS AND METHODS:_ A total of 100 consecutive patients with epilepsy attending outpatient clinic and epilepsy clinic at ... Read more

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