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Publications Which contain the keyword: semiconductor

2018-10-26 17:31:48 Keywords eigenvalue approach, semiconductor, photo-thermoelastic,
Photo-thermoelastic interactions in a 2D semiconducting medium
Photo-thermoelastic interactions in a two-dimension semiconductor medium are studied by using mathematical methods in the context of coupled thermoelastic theory and plasma waves with one thermal relaxation time. The Laplace-Fourier transformations and eigenvalues approach are used to obtain the general solutions for any set of boundary conditions. The medium is initially assumed to be at rest and due to a ... Read more

2018-12-05 15:29:24 Keywords Geometric Phase, semiconductor, Microcavities,
Engineering Geometric Phase in Semiconductor Microcavities
We present rigorous investigations of the geometric phase in semiconductor microcavities. The effects of excitonic spontaneous emission, initial state setting and cavity dissipation have been discussed. It is shown that the geometric phase decays exponentially due to the presence of excitonic spontaneous emission. More importantly, the inclusion of the phase shift leads to an enhanced sensitivity for the control of ... Read more

Sonochemical synthesis, structural inspection and semiconductor behavior of three new nano sized Cu(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) chelates
Three novel nanosized Cu(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) complexes of imine ligand attained from the condensation of 2‐amino‐3‐hydroxypyridine and 3‐methoxysalicylaldehyde have been prepared and investigated using diverse chemical methods such as NMR, CHN analysis, conductance, IR, Spectral studies, TGA and magnetic moment measurements. The obtained data confirmed that the synthesized complexes have metal: ligand ratio of 1:1 and octahedral geometry for ... Read more

Electric, Thermoelectric and Magnetic Properties of Nickel(II) Imine Nanocomplexes
Production of novel organic semiconductor nanomaterials is essential for enabling the development of personal, portable and flexible electronic modules. This work presents Ni(II)-Schiff base complexes with enhanced Seebeck coefficient and weak ferromagnetic ordering for thermoelectric and magnetic devices. Four Ni(II)-Schiff base complexes (namely [Ni(C12">1212H10">1010N3O4Br)]⋅">⋅⋅2H2O, [Ni(C16">1616H11">1111N3O4)">4)4)]⋅">⋅⋅2H2O, [Ni(C21">2121H14">1414N5O8Br)] and [Ni(C25">2525H17">1717N5O8)">8)8)]⋅1/2">⋅1/2⋅1/2H2O) have been synthesized in nanosized dimensions. The electrical and thermoelectric properties have ... Read more

2018-10-18 10:14:30 Keywords semiconductor, Two-temperature, cylindrical hole, photothermal,
A two-temperature photothermal interaction in a semiconductor medium containing a cylindrical hole
Photothermoelastic interactions in an infinite semiconductor medium containing a cylindrical hole with two temperatures are studied using mathematical method under the purview of the coupled theory of thermal, plasma and elastic waves. The internal surface of the hole is constrained and the carrier density is photogenerated by bound heat flux with an exponentially decaying pulse. Based on Laplace transform and ... Read more

Analytical Solutions of Plasma and Thermoelastic Waves Photogenerated by a Focused Laser Beam in a Semiconductor Material
In the present work, the coupled plasma theory (thermally and elasticity waves) was used to study the wave propagation of semiconducting sample through photothermal process. The coupled of the plasma, thermally, and elastic waves that photo-generated through intensity modulated laser beam and tightly focused has been considered to study an elastic homogeneous semiconducting medium with isotropic thermo-elastic properties. Laplace transformations ... Read more

Two-temperature photothermal interactions in a semiconducting material with a 3D spherical cavity
In this paper, a two-temperatures photothermoelastic interactions in an infinite semiconductor medium with a spherical cavity were studied using mathematical methods. The cavity internal surface is traction free and the carrier density is photogenerated by boundary heat flux with an exponentially decaying pulse. Laplace transform techniques are used to obtain the exact solution of the problem in the transformed domain ... Read more

Fractional order photo-thermo-elastic waves in a two-dimensional semiconductor plate
This paper is devoted to the investigation of fractional order photo-thermo-elastic waves in a two-dimensional semiconductor using the eigenvalues approach. The formulations applied are based on the fractional order generalized thermo-elasticity in the context of the new model of heat conduction. The bounding surface of the plate is taken to be stress-free and exposed to a heat flux with the ... Read more

Analytical solutions of photo-thermo-elastic waves in a non-homogenous semiconducting material
In the present paper, the wave propagation on non-homogenous semiconductor through photo-thermal process has been studied by using the theory of coupled plasma and thermoelastic wave. Without neglecting the coupling between the plasma and thermoelastic wave that photo-generated through intensity modulated laser beam and tightly focused, a semiconducting isotropic elastic medium has non-homogeneity in thermal and elastic properties are considered. ... Read more

2018-10-13 22:40:03 Keywords eigenvalue approach, Thermoelasticity, semiconductor,
Photo-thermal-elastic interaction in an unbounded semiconducting medium with spherical cavity due to pulse heat flux
In this work, the photothermal waves in an unbounded semiconducting medium with spherical cavity are studied. This problem is solved using the theory of coupled plasma, thermal, and elastic wave. An unbounded material, elastic semiconductor containing a spherical cavity with isotropic and homogeneous thermal and elastic properties has been considered. The inner surface of the cavity is taken traction-free and ... Read more