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Publications Which contain the keyword: wind power

2018-11-10 07:55:34 Keywords wind power, MPC,
Reactive power control for voltage stability of standalone hybrid wind-diesel power system based on functional model predictive control
This study investigates the application of the model predictive control (MPC) approach for voltage stability of an isolated hybrid wind-diesel generation system based on reactive power control. This scheme consists of a synchronous generator (SG) for a diesel-generator (DG) system and an induction generator (IG) for a wind energy conversion system. A static voltage automatic regulator (VAR) compensator (SVC) is ... Read more

2018-11-10 08:00:13 Keywords wind power, SMC,
Load parameter waveforms improvement of a standalone wind-based energy storage system and Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy logic algorithm
The application of the Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy approach for voltage and frequency control of an isolated wind turbine (WT) system with variable-speed permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) and a system for storing energy during wind speed and load variations is investigated. Energy storage systems are needed for power balance and power quality in autonomous wind energy systems. Initially, the holistic ... Read more

2018-11-10 08:14:49 Keywords SMC, DFIG, wind power,
Dynamic Modeling and Robust Power Control of DFIG Driven by Wind Turbine at Infinte Grid
In this paper, a dynamic modeling and power control scheme for doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) for variable speed wind power generation is proposed. A detail dynamic model of a DFIG-based, wind turbine and grid-connected system is presented in the _d_–_q_-synchronous reference frame. A robust controller based on sliding mode controller (SMC) is applied in order to control the power flowing ... Read more

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