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Publications Which contain the keyword: Unionicola

2020-07-08 20:49:31 Keywords Water mites, Unionicola, Cutic,
Studies on the cuticle and musculature of freshwater mite, Unionicola aegyptiaca.
ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: The aquatic Acari are known as water mites and occupy a wide range of habitats. The freshwater mites, Unionicola aegyptiaca, were collected from the freshwater mussel, Caelatura aegyptiaca, River Nile, Sohag,Egypt. The present paper focuses on the structure of the cuticle and musculature of freshwater mite, U. aegyptiaca. RESULTS: Histologically, the cuticle consists of two main layers: epicuticle ... Read more

2018-11-18 13:43:58 Keywords Water mite, Unionicola, Protoz,
On the occurrence of a protozoan parasite inside the water mite Unionicola anodontae with emphasis on histopathological changes of the host
ABSTRACT The present protozoan parasite _lchthyosporidium _sp. was reported to infect the gut, salivary gland and embryos of the water mite _Unionicola anodontae _(Aboul-Dahab _et al., _1998).TIle life history of this protozoan parasite includes two processes, schizogony and sporogony. It caused a serious damage to the embryos and adult forms of the mite as compression and disarrangement of the embryonic ... Read more

2018-11-18 21:43:13 Keywords Water mites, Unionicola, musse,
Scanning electron microscopic study of two new species of water mites collected from unionid mussels in Egypt
ABSTRACT Mites of the family Unionicolidae were collected from the freshwater bivalves _Caelatura aegyptiaca_ and _Unio abyssinicus_ (family Unionidae). Two new species of unionicolid mites namely _Unionicola tetrafirrcatus_ and _Unionicola difitrcatus_ were collected and described by means of seaming electron microscopic study , The adults of U. tetrafurcatus were found in the mussels Caelatura aegyptiaca and Unio abyssinicus, while those ... Read more

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