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Publications Which contain the keyword: Entanglement

A Novel Algorithm based on Entanglement Measurement for Improving Speed of Quantum Algorithms,
In this paper, we draw attention to consider that the quantum entanglement measurement should be implemented as a key part during manufacturing the quantum processors and quantum micro-controllers. This paper aims to harness the complete power of quantum mechanics by the crossover between entanglement measurements and quantum gates to propose a novel quantum computer algorithms and protocols. One of these ... Read more

Robust general N user authentication scheme in a centralized quantum communication network via generalized GHZ states
Quantum communication provides an enormous advantage over its classical counterpart: security of communications based on the very principles of quantum mechanics. Researchers have proposed several approaches for user identity authentication via entanglement. Unfortunately, these protocols fail because an attacker can capture some of the particles in a transmitted sequence and send what is left to the receiver through a quantum ... Read more

Entanglement of a nonlinear two two-level atoms interacting with deformed fields in Kerr medium
In this paper we investigate the entanglement dynamics between two two-level atoms interacting with two coherent fields in two spatially separated cavities which are filled with a Kerr-like medium. We examine the effect of nonlinear medium on the dynamical properties of entanglement and atomic occupation probabilities in the case of even and odd deformed coherent states. The results show that ... Read more

Geometric Phase and Entanglement of a Three-Level Atom With and Without Rotating Wave Approximation
In this paper, we study the dynamics of entanglement between three-level atom and optical field, initially prepared in the squeezed coherent state. We discuss the dynamical behavior of the geometric phase and entanglement, measured by the von Neumann entropy, with and without rotating wave approximation during the time of evolution. The effect of the squeezing and detuning parameters on the ... Read more

2018-12-03 12:36:14 Keywords Entanglement, Energy, multi-atom,
New Perspectives on Nonlinear Multi-Atoms Interacting with a Cavity Field
We investigate the entanglement dynamics of two two-level atoms interacting with a quantized cavity field, considering the level shifts produced by the Stark effect. We perform comparisons of the entanglement evolution of this system when the cavity is filled with a Kerr-like medium. The presence of entanglement sudden death and sudden birth using extended Werner-like states is observed. Entanglement is ... Read more

Locality and classicality: role of entropic inequalities
The use of the so-called entropic inequalities is revisited in the light of new quantum correlation measures, specially nonlocality. We introduce the concept of _classicality_ as the nonviolation of these classical inequalities by quantum states of several multiqubit systems and compare it with the nonviolation of Bell inequalities, that is, _locality_. We explore—numerically and analytically—the relationship between several other quantum ... Read more

2018-12-05 13:13:50 Keywords trap phonon modes, multi-trapped ions, rebirth, Entanglement,
Entanglement rebirth of multi-trapped ions with trap phonon modes
We consider a multi-qubit system consisting of two trapped ions coupled in a laser field. The ions are identical three-level electronic systems which interact with one another through the phonon modes of their relative or center of mass motions, and the system is tuned so that two-phonon processes dominate the electronic transitions. The resulting evolution of the system is studied ... Read more

2018-12-06 14:02:18 Keywords Linear Entropy, Antiferromagnetic Spin Bath, Entanglement,
Linear Entropy of a Driven Central Spin Interacting with an Antiferromagnetic Environment
We exploit a scheme to obtain a long-lived entanglement using a driven central spin interacting with an antiferromagnetic spin bath. Our numerical results show the effects of different parameters on the population inversion and the entanglement dynamics in terms of the linear entropy. It is shown that the long-lived entanglement is an intriguing result corresponding to the collapse region of ... Read more

2018-12-06 15:41:06 Keywords A SPIN-PATH, COHERENT vectors, Entanglement,
We analyze a crucial effect of the spin-path environment on a single and maximum entangled two-qubit systems. For a single qubit, we investigate the coherent loss by means of coherent-vectors' dynamics and the interacted qubits' fidelity. We used entanglement and population dynamics to investigate the coherent loss of the two-qubit system. We show and numerically verify that the effect of ... Read more

2018-12-07 15:24:53 Keywords Entanglement, Dynamics, a Cavity,
Entanglement Dynamics for Two Atoms Inside a Cavity
An analytical treatment is provided of some different classes of two atoms having two or three energy levels whose dynamics show the presence of different entanglement. The phenomenon of sudden death of entanglement is investigated subject to different initial states settings. We find that for an initial Fock state, the presence of one or more photons in the cavity is ... Read more