Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed

Assistant Professor - Assistant professor of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Faculty of science

Address: Behind hospital of Sohag University - Ali Ebn Abi Taleb Street



Publications Which contain the keyword: Entanglement

2018-12-15 11:09:56 Keywords Entanglement, a bipartite mixed state, a binomial state,
Entanglement of a bipartite mixed state in the laser‐ion interaction with a binomial state
In the present communication we explore and develop the theory of entanglement measures. As a result we obtain a general criterion of a bipartite mixed states entanglement due to the quasi‐mutual entropy for a single trapped two‐level ion interacting with a laser field. This general expression of the entanglement degree is obtained with the physical significance and without the diagonal ... Read more

2018-12-15 11:03:11 Keywords Entanglement, a three-level system, dependent interaction,
Mixed-state entanglement of a three-level system with an intensity-dependent interaction
In this communication, the entanglement degree due to quasi-mutual entropy of a three-level atom interacting with a single cavity field is investigated. We consider the situation for which the three-level system is initially in a mixed state, whereas the field may start from either a coherent or a squeezed state. We present a derivation of the unitary evolution operator on ... Read more

Qualitative aspects of the entanglement in the three-level model with photonic crystals
This communication is an enquiry into the circumstances under which concurrence and phase entropy methods can give an answer to the question of quantum entanglement in the composite state when the photonic band gap is exhibited by the presence of photonic crystals in a three-level system. An analytic approach is proposed for any three-level system in the presence of photonic ... Read more

2018-12-14 20:47:30 Keywords Entanglement, a single trapped ion, A LASER FIELD,
Engineering entanglement in a single trapped ion interacting with a laser field
Engineering entanglement in a single trapped ion interacting with a laser field Read more

Quantum phase entropy and entanglement of a multi-photon three-level atom near the edge of a photonic band gap
Motivated by recent developments in quantum entanglement, we study the relations among concurrence and phase entropy of a three-level atom interacting with a bimodal cavity field. Analytical results are presented when the photonic band gap is exhibited by the presence of photonic crystals. The evolution of the atomic inversion with the field initially in a coherent state is examined, and ... Read more

Entanglement of a three-level trapped atom in the presence of another three-level trapped atom
A new version of two multi-level trapped atoms interacting with laser fields is under consideration. This system is based on a three-level trapped atom interacting with laser fields in the presence of another three-level trapped atom taking into account the time-dependent atom-field couplings and phase shift. The entanglement due to the concurrence is calculated and its time evolution phenomena is ... Read more

2018-12-14 19:38:56 Keywords pair cat states, cold trapped ions, Entanglement, Generation,
Generation of long-living entanglement using cold trapped ions with pair cat states
> In this letter we present a scheme for generating maximally entangled states of two cavity modes which enables us to generate complete set of Bell basis states having rather simple initial state preparation. Furthermore, we study the interaction of a two-level atom with two modes of electromagnetic field in a high Q cavity. The two-level atom acts as a ... Read more

2018-12-14 19:15:23 Keywords Entanglement, A SINGLE-MODE CAVITY, A RAMAN INTERACTION,
We investigate the entanglement of a degenerate Raman process involving two degenerate Rydberg energy levels of an atom interacting with a single-mode cavity field. We use the concurrence as an entanglement measure and show that long living entanglement can be obtained for certain choices of the system parameters. Read more

2018-12-14 15:40:49 Keywords Entanglement, two qubits,
Entanglement and  information transfer between two qubits
* Metwally and _M. Abdel-Aty_, Entanglement and information transfer between two qubits Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Application(2007) Read more

2018-12-13 20:34:05 Keywords sudden death, Entanglement, two trapped ions,
Sudden death and long-lived entanglement of two trapped ions
The dynamical properties of quantum entanglement in two effective two-level trapped ions interacting with a laser field are studied in terms of the negative eigenvalues of the partial transposition of the density operator. In contrast to the usual belief that destroying the entanglement can be observed due to the environment, it is found that the Stark shift can also produce ... Read more