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Teadching-Assistant - مدرس مساعد الجراحة العامة وجراحة وزراعة الكبد والبنكرياس والقنوات المرارية

Faculty of medicine

Address: سوهاج - شارع الترعة المردومة - خلف المستشفى الجامعى



Publications Which contain the keyword: quantum algorithms

A Novel Algorithm based on Entanglement Measurement for Improving Speed of Quantum Algorithms,
In this paper, we draw attention to consider that the quantum entanglement measurement should be implemented as a key part during manufacturing the quantum processors and quantum micro-controllers. This paper aims to harness the complete power of quantum mechanics by the crossover between entanglement measurements and quantum gates to propose a novel quantum computer algorithms and protocols. One of these ... Read more

Solving Deutsch’s Problem using Entanglement Measurement Algorithm
Given a black-box representing an unknown Boolean function f , determining whether the unknown function f(x) hasf(0) = f(1) or not using a single query to f is known as Deutsch’s algorithm. Following [28], in this paper, we propose Deutsch’s algorithm based on entanglement measurement. The proposed algorithm creates entanglement between the independent variable x represented by the test qubit ... Read more

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