Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Abu-Dief Mohammed

Assistant Professor - Assistant professor of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry

Faculty of science

Address: Behind hospital of Sohag University - Ali Ebn Abi Taleb Street



Publications Which contain the keyword: a Cavity Field

Dynamical Properties of Multi-Photon Interaction Between a Cavity Field and a Single-Qubit
We study the dynamical properties of a cavity field coupling to a Cooper pair box (CPB). We assumed that the CPB is prepared initially in a mixed state with a coherent state for the field. By solving the time-dependent equations using the evolution operator, it shows that mean numbers of Cooper pairs is affected by the detuning. The mean number ... Read more

2018-12-07 14:59:15 Keywords a Cavity Field, THREE-LEVEL ATOM, Wehrl entropy,
In this paper, the Wehrl entropy approach is discussed and compared with the quantum entanglement using a mixed-state three-level atom interacting with a cavity field. In the pure state case, the behavior of the atomic Wehrl entropy shows the same behavior of the entanglement due to the von-Neumann entropy, while the mixed state case gives the total correlation due to ... Read more

2018-12-07 18:27:55 Keywords a Cavity Field, a three-level atom, Entropy squeezing,
Entropy squeezing of a three-level atom interacting with a cavity field
We study the field entropy squeezing as a measure of the entanglement in a three-level system interacting with a cavity field. Numerical calculations under current experimental conditions are performed and it is found that the initial state setting and atom-field coupling present changes of the general features of the field entropy squeezing dramatically Read more

2018-12-12 14:04:53 Keywords Berry phase, qubits, a Cavity Field,
Berry phase in superconducting charge qubits interacting with a cavity field
We propose a method for analyzing Berry phase for a multi-qubit system of superconducting charge qubits interacting with a microwave field. By suitably choosing the system parameters and precisely controlling the dynamics, novel connection found between the Berry phase and entanglement creations. Read more

2018-12-12 23:04:01 Keywords Entangled, atoms interacting, a Cavity Field,
Entangled states generation of two atoms interacting with a cavity field
We classify different classes of entangled states arise in a two-qubit system. Some of these classes are of Bell's state types, while others are of the Werner's state types. The degree of entanglement is quantified for different values of the atomic and the cavity parameters. We show that it is possible to generate entangled state with high degree of entanglement ... Read more

Quantum mutual entropy of a single four-level atom strongly coupled to a cavity field and driven by a laser field
Based on exact quantum dynamics of a single four-level atom strongly coupled to a cavity field mode and driven by a coherent laser field, we investigate quantum mutual entropy as a measure of the amount of total correlations. Through the analysis of the dynamic of the total correlation, we show that under the influence of the decoherence, the total correlation ... Read more