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Faculty of industrial education

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Publications Which contain the keyword: desalination

2018-12-28 17:15:52 Keywords desalination,
Mohamed Refaat Diab, Ahmed S. Alsaman, Adsorption desalination-cooling system employing copper sulfate driven by low grade heat sources
In this study benefits of employing copper sulfate salt hydrate with water vapor as a new adsorption pair in thermally driven adsorption desalination-cooling systems (ADCSs) have been investigated. Adsorption characteristics (isotherm and kinetic) of copper sulfate/water vapor pair have been presented in this study within temperature range of 25-55°C. Sun-Chakraborty (S-C) and Dubinin- Astakhov (D-A) models have been used for ... Read more

2018-12-28 17:41:25 Keywords desalination,
Recycling brine water of reverse osmosis desalination employing adsorption desalination: A theoretical simulation
Intake, pretreatment and brine disposal cost of reverse osmosis sea water desalination systems represent about 25% of total cost of the desalinatedwater. The present study investigates effect of reverse osmosis brine recycling employing adsorption desalination on overall system desalinated water recovery. The adsorption desalination produces dual useful effects which are high quality potable water and cooling effect. Reverse osmosis desalination ... Read more

2018-12-28 17:57:47 Keywords desalination,
Performance evaluation of a solar-driven adsorption desalinationcooling system
Problems of energy and fresh water shortage become hard challenges facing survival of the human beings. Egypt especially is facing increasing of water supply challenges due to population growth. In this study, a new proposed solar adsorption desalination-cooling (ADC) system is designed, built, and tested under Egypt's climate conditions. A commercially available silica gel of about 13.5 kg is used. ... Read more

2018-12-28 18:49:42 Keywords desalination,
Innovative mechanical vapor compression adsorption desalination (MVC-AD) system
An innovative combination between mechanical vapor compression and adsorption techniques has been studied as a hybrid desalination system. A semi continues adsorption desalination-cooling system employing silica gel with two adsorption beds has been proposed. The proposed system has been investigated theoretically to work under different operating conditions using a proposed simulation FORTRAN code. The results have been compared with an ... Read more

2018-12-28 19:31:34 Keywords desalination,
A state of the art of hybrid adsorption desalination–cooling systems
Adsorption-baseddesalinationattractedincreasinglyattentionduetoitsabilitytoco-generatedouble distilled freshwaterandcoolingeffectusingonlyoneheatinput.Thesystememploysacombinationof flash evaporationandthermalcompression.Thispaperpresentsthecurrentliteraturereviewonthedual effect (coolinganddesalination)adsorptiondesalinationsystem(ADS),whichisanemergingprocessof thermal desalinationwithcoolingutilizinglow-gradeheatsource.Thepaperalsopresentstheadsor- bents suitableforadsorption–desalination systems,performanceofADS,andthethermodynamicana- lysisoftheadsorptiondesalinationcycle.AcomparisonbetweenthestatedADShasbeenalsopresented in thisstudy. Read more

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