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Teadching-Assistant - مدرس مساعد الجراحة العامة وجراحة وزراعة الكبد والبنكرياس والقنوات المرارية

Faculty of medicine

Address: سوهاج - شارع الترعة المردومة - خلف المستشفى الجامعى



Publications Which contain the keyword: melanoma skin cancer

Human Action Recognition via Affine Moment Invariants
Despite their high stability and compactness, affine moment invariants have received a relatively little attention in action recognition literature. In this paper, we introduce an approach for activity recognition, based on affine moment invariants. In the proposed approach, a compact computationally-efficient shape descriptor is developed by using affine moment invariants. Affine moment invariants are derived from the 3D spatio-temporal action ... Read more

An SVM framework for malignant melanoma detection based on optimized HOG features
Early detection of skin cancer through improved techniques and innovative technologies has the greatest potential for significantly reducing both morbidity and mortality associated with this disease. In this paper, an effective framework of a CAD (Computer-Aided Diagnosis) system for melanoma skin cancer is developed mainly by application of an SVM (Support Vector Machine) model on an optimized set of HOG ... Read more

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