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2018-10-05 13:23:42 Keywords EDAX, Steel slag, magnetite, akaganéite, nanoparticles, TEM, SEM, XRD,
Steel slag as a raw material for preparing magnetite and akaganéite nanoparticles
More than 400 million tons of iron and steel slag is produced each year in the world. Most of the steel slag is recycled in the developed countries, mainly for use as construction aggregate, however excess steel slag is usually sent to landfills for disposal. Slag dumping can have an impact on the environment due to the release of harmful ... Read more

Doping of Nano Cobalt Ferrites by Cupper: Structural and Magnetic Properties Studies
A series of Cupper-substituted cobalt nano ferrites (CuxCo1-x Fe2O4 with = 0.00, 0.10, 0.20, 0.30 and 0.4) was synthesized via hydrothermal method. The structural characterizations of all the prepared nanoparticles were performed using powder x-ray diffraction, EDAX and FTIR analyses. These studies confirmed the formation of single-phase spinel structure in at lower compositions. The increase in the value of lattice ... Read more

A Robust Synthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles of Desired Size and the Functionalization Thereof
The synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles is an area of permanent interest in view of their high technological applications including Biomedicine and Biosensing. These nanoparticles are used as enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) agents, for biological separation and magnetic drug delivery systems, and magnetic hyperthermia treatment [1]. Magnetite nanoparticles of about 20 nm in diameter and low polydispersity were prepared heating ... Read more

Novel Quaternary Ammonium-Based Cationic Surfactants: Synthesis, Surface Activity and Evaluation as Corrosion Inhibitors for C1018 Carbon Steel in Acidic Chloride Solution
A novel class of quaternary ammonium-based cationic surfactants is synthesized and characterized via spectroscopic methods (FTIR, 1 HNMR and13 C NMR). The surface properties, foaming power and biodegrad-ability of the synthesized cationic surfactants are deter-mined using the surface tension technique. The protection performance with their adsorption mecha-nisms for carbon steel is evaluated in a 15% HCl solu-tion by a series ... Read more

Disposal of Heavy Transition Cd(II) ions from Aqueous Solution utilizing Nano Sized Flamboyant Pod (Delonix regia)
The absorption of toxic heavy metal by natural adsorbents from water were indicated by investigation the effect of nano sized (_Delonix regia _(DR)) and (CADR) citric acid_ Delonix regia_ chemically modified adsorbent for removing the Cd2+ ions. Different techniques were employed for characterizing the adsorbent (_Delonix regia_) such energy dispersive analysis of X-ray (EDAX), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), Transmission ... Read more

2018-09-24 09:49:36 Keywords Octopus vulgaris, Red Sea, SEM, intestine, Radula, Digestive tract, Anatomy,
Anatomical and histological studies on the digestive tract of octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797, from the Red Sea,
The digestive tract of _Octopus vulgaris_ consists of the buccal mass complex with a beak and radula, oesophagus, crop, stomach, caecum, digestive gland, intestine and salivary glands. The buccal mass contains the lower and upper beaks, radular apparatus and salivary papilla. Each beak consists of a hood and lateral walls; two wings are present in the lower beak only. The ... Read more

The application of cold mixes is lagging behind in the research field, which is quite obvious in a developing country. Furthermore, cold mixes have more economic and environmental advantages than hot mixes. This is the principal motivation for the present research, which aims to improve the mechanical properties of cold mix asphalt. Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) and cement kiln dust ... Read more

2018-09-26 11:59:02 Keywords FIB, TEM, AFM, SEM, Field-effect transistor (FET), Oxide semiconductors,
Ink-Jet Printed CMOS Electronics from Oxide Semiconductors
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology with high transconductance and signal gain is mandatory for practicable digital/analog logic electronics. However, high performance all-oxide CMOS logics are scarcely reported in the literature; specifi cally, not at all for solution-processed/printed transistors. As a major step toward solution-processed all-oxide electronics, here it is shown that using a highly effi cient electrolyte-gating approach one ... Read more

2018-09-16 09:31:35 Keywords Petra, weathering, PM, Stereo M, XRD, SEM,
3.	Environmental impacts: Weathering factors, mechanism and forms affected the stone decaying in Petra
The decay of stones in a natural environment is governed by extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Petra is exposed for centuries to the severe climatic conditions especially temperature (T), total monthly rainfall (TMR) and relative humidity (RH). In this regard, there are negative effects that result from these climatic elements on stone; which affect or are based on the chemical characteristics ... Read more

"Effective roles of some deterioration agents affecting Edfu royal Birth House "Mammisi
This paper is the first part of a study about a birth house located in Edfu temple. It studies the deterioration phenomena that has affected the stone surfaces, and the ideal methods and materials, which have been used for conserving and restoring stone surfaces. In this article, three of the main deterioration factors which have affected the monument under study ... Read more