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المنشورات و المؤلفات التي تحتوي علي الكلمة المفتاحية: Mural paintings

2018-09-16 09:45:36 الكلمات المفتاحية Mural paintings, Egyptian blue, Egyptian green, Red ochre, Gum Arabic, FTIR, SEM,
8.	The paint layers of mural paintings at Abydos temples - Egypt: A closer look at the materials used
The present study forms part of the research undertaken on the mural paintings from Abydos area in Egypt, and it is concerned with the identification of the materials used in the paint layers of these murals. The methods used in this purpose are optical microscopes (OM), scanning electron microscope with an energy dispersive X-ray unit (SEM/EDS), X-ray diffraction (XED), and ... إقراء المزيد

2018-09-16 09:49:05 الكلمات المفتاحية Abydos, Mural paintings, Stratigraphical structure, Optical microscopy, SEM/EDS, XRD,
10.	Investigations of mural paintings of Seti I and Ramesses II temples at Abydos- Egypt
This paper provides technical studies on the mural paintings of two remarkable temples in Upper Egypt; namely the temples of Seti I and Ramesses II. It is the first one in a series of studies investigating these mural paintings and their deterioration aspects. Therefore, this study deals with the techniques used in performing these mural paintings, and their stratigraphical structure. ... إقراء المزيد

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