Hydrophobicity and reactivity of base hydrolysis of some novel low spin Fe(II) amino acid Schiff base complexes in some binary aqueous solvent mixtures
Rate constants for base hydrolysis of bis(naphthylidene isoleucinate)iron (II) (nili), bis(naphthylidene leucinate)iron(II) (nli), bis(naphthylidene serinate)iron(II) (nsi), bis (salicylidene isoleucinate)iron(II) (sili), (salicylidene leucinate)iron(II) (sli), bis(salicylidene methioninate)iron(II) (smi), and (salicylidene tryptophanate)iron(II) (sti) have been reported in different binary aqueous mixtures at 298 K. The observed reactivity trends are discussed in terms of the hydrophilic and hydrophobic forms of the complexes investigated, as ... Read more