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Professor - Professor of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

Faculty of science

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Publications Which contain the keyword: Magnetic

2018-11-15 17:05:52 Keywords Magnetic, Gravity, Subsurface,
Estimation of site effect using microtremor technique at 15th May City, Helwan, Egypt
Local site effect is an important feature of seismic hazards, which often causes amplification of ground motions and results in increasing the damage potential of earthquake. This paper presents an experimental study of microtremor data to investigate the dynamic characteristics of soil and structures at the 15th May City, southeast Cairo, Egypt. This city was constructed on Eocene sedimentary rocks ... Read more

Sensitivity, Specificity and Accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Differentiating Vertebral Compression Fractures Caused by Malignancy, Osteoporosis, and Infections
PURPOSE: To evaluate the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy of various magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features in differentiating vertebral compression fractures caused by malignancy, osteoporosis, and infections. METHODS: 35 men and 45 women aged 40 to 78 (mean, 59) years underwent MRI to assess the underlying pathology of already diagnosed vertebral compression fractures (n=152). The interval from presentation to imaging ranged ... Read more

Amorphous nickel nanophases inducing ferromagnetism in equiatomic Ni-Ti alloy
Ni50Ti50 nm-sized amorphous particles are prepared using inert-gas condensation followed by in situ compaction. Elemental segregation of Ni and Ti is observed in the consolidated nanostructured material Amorphous, nearly pure Nickel (96%) nanophases form within the amorphous Ni50Ti50 alloy. Combining atom probe tomography and scanning transmission electron microscopy with computer modelling, we explore the formation process of such amorphous nanophase ... Read more

Electric, Thermoelectric and Magnetic Properties of Nickel(II) Imine Nanocomplexes
Production of novel organic semiconductor nanomaterials is essential for enabling the development of personal, portable and flexible electronic modules. This work presents Ni(II)-Schiff base complexes with enhanced Seebeck coefficient and weak ferromagnetic ordering for thermoelectric and magnetic devices. Four Ni(II)-Schiff base complexes (namely [Ni(C12">1212H10">1010N3O4Br)]⋅">⋅⋅2H2O, [Ni(C16">1616H11">1111N3O4)">4)4)]⋅">⋅⋅2H2O, [Ni(C21">2121H14">1414N5O8Br)] and [Ni(C25">2525H17">1717N5O8)">8)8)]⋅1/2">⋅1/2⋅1/2H2O) have been synthesized in nanosized dimensions. The electrical and thermoelectric properties have ... Read more

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