Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Abdelhalim Mohamed

Lecturer - Lecturer at Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science

Faculty of science

Address: 25 Sohag University



Publications Which contain the keyword: Nanofibers

2018-10-18 08:26:52 Keywords Nanofibers,
ZrO2 nanofibers/activated carbon composite as a novel and effective electrode material for the enhancement of capacitive deionization performance
Among the various forms of carbon materials, activated carbon still possesses the maximum attention as an optimum commercially available, cheap, and effective electrode material for the capacitive deionization desalination process. However, the well-known hydrophobicity and low specific capacitance limit its wide application. In this study, incorporation of zirconia nanofibers with activated carbon is reported as an effective and simple strategy ... Read more

2018-09-27 04:39:16 Keywords Nanofibers,
Facile synthesis of GO@SnO2/TiO2 nanofibers and their behavior in photovoltaics
Chemical doping is a widely-used strategy to improve the performance of TiO2 for the dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs). However, the effect of two efficient dopants has been rarely investigated. We present the synthesis of GO@SnO2/TiO2nanofibers (NFs) by a facile method using electrospinning and hydrothermal processes. The synthesized NFs are described in terms of morphology, crystallinity and chemistry through FESEM, TEM, ... Read more

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