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Publications Which contain the keyword: Thermoelasticity

2018-10-13 22:40:03 Keywords eigenvalue approach, Thermoelasticity, semiconductor,
Photo-thermal-elastic interaction in an unbounded semiconducting medium with spherical cavity due to pulse heat flux
In this work, the photothermal waves in an unbounded semiconducting medium with spherical cavity are studied. This problem is solved using the theory of coupled plasma, thermal, and elastic wave. An unbounded material, elastic semiconductor containing a spherical cavity with isotropic and homogeneous thermal and elastic properties has been considered. The inner surface of the cavity is taken traction-free and ... Read more

Eigenvalue Approach in a Generalized Thermal Shock Problem for a Transversely Isotropic Half-Space
In the present work, the investigating of the disturbances in a homogeneous, transversely isotropic elastic medium with generalized thermoelastic theory has been concerned. The formulation is applied to generalized thermoelasticity based on three different theories. Laplace and Fourier transforms are used to solve the problem analytically. The essential equations have been written as a vector-matrix differential equation in the Laplace ... Read more

2018-10-12 12:12:15 Keywords Two-Dimensional, Thermoelasticity, anisotropic half-space,
Two-dimensional generalized thermo-elastic problem for anisotropic half-space
This paper concerns with the study of wave propagation in fibre reinforced anisotropic half space under the influence of temperature and hydrostatic initial stress. Lord-Shulman theory is applied to the heat conduction equation. The resulting equations are written in the form of vector matrix differential equation by using Normal Mode technique, finally which is solved by Eigen value approach. Keywords: ... Read more

2018-10-13 22:34:41 Keywords semiconductor, Thermoelasticity, spherical cavity, DPL model,
A DPL model of photo-thermal interaction in an infinite semiconductor material containing a spherical hole
The dual phase lag (DPL) heat transfer model is applied to study the photo-thermal interaction in an infinite semiconductor medium containing a spherical hole. The inner surface of the cavity was traction free and loaded thermally by pulse heat flux. By using the eigenvalue approach methodology and Laplace’s transform, the physical variable solutions are obtained analytically. The numerical computations for ... Read more

2018-10-14 10:06:36 Keywords fractional order theory, thermal loading, Thermoelasticity,
A study on fractional order theory in thermoelastic half-space under thermal loading
In this study, the effect of fractional order derivative on a two-dimensional problem due to thermal shock with weak, normal and strong conductivity is established. The governing equations are taken in the context of Green and Naghdi of type III model (GNIII model) under fractional order derivative. Based on the Laplace and exponential Fourier transformations with eigenvalues approach, the analytical ... Read more

2018-10-14 10:27:53 Keywords non-linear, Thermoelasticity, finite element method,
Non-Linear Generalized Thermoelasticity of Temperature Dependent Materials Properties
In this work, we get the exact solution of a nonlinear model of the thermal shock problem of generalized thermoelastic half-space of temperature dependent materials. We considered two different cases of temperature dependent materials. Finite element analysis technique is used to get the numerical solutions. The results for the temperature increment, the displacement, and the stress distributions are illustrated graphically ... Read more

Fractional Order Generalized Thermoelasticity in an Unbounded Medium with Cylindrical Cavity
This paper is concerned with the investigation of the temperature, displacement, and stresses due to thermal shock loading on the inner surface cavity in an infinite medium with a cylindrical cavity. The governing equations will be taken into the context of the fractional order generalized thermoelasticity theory. In the Laplace transform domain, the form of a vector-matrix differential equation has ... Read more

2018-10-06 09:36:11 Keywords free vibration, Thermoelasticity, Exact solution, GNIII model,
Exact solution for a free vibration of thermoelastic hollow cylinder under GNIII model
The exact analytic solutions are obtained with the use of the eigenvalue approach for a free vibration problem of a thermoelastic hollow cylinder in the context of Green and Naghdi theory (GNIII). The dispersion relations for the existence of various types of possible modes of vibrations in the considered hollow cylinder are derived in a compact form and the validation ... Read more

2018-10-01 17:54:52 Keywords Thermoelasticity, Thermal shock, thermal conductivity,
Thermal shock problem of generalized thermoelasticity for an infinitely long annular cylinder with variable thermal conductivity
In this paper, a general finite element model is proposed to analyze transient phenomena in thermoelastic model in the context of the theory of generalized thermoelasticity with one relaxation time with variable thermal conductivity. An application of an infinitely long annular cylinder was studied, where the inner surface is traction free and subjected to thermal shock, while the outer surface ... Read more

2018-10-01 07:32:22 Keywords Thermoelasticity, magnetothermoelasticity, cylinder,
A problem of generalized magnetothermoelasticity for an infinitely long, perfectly conducting cylinder
This article concerns the investigation of the stress, temperature, and magnetic field in a transversely isotropic, elastic cylinder of infinite length and perfectly conducting material placed in a primary constant magnetic field when the curved surface of the cylinder is subjected to periodic loading. The analysis encompasses Lord and Shulman and Green and Lindsay theories of generalized thermoelasticity to account ... Read more