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Publications Which contain the keyword: Fiber-Reinforced

2018-10-02 12:04:59 Keywords finite element method, Fiber-Reinforced, initial stress,
Generalized thermoelastic interaction in a fiber-reinforced anisotropic half-space under hydrostatic initial stress
The propagation of plane waves in fiber-reinforced, anisotropic thermoelastic half-space proposed by Lord-Shulman under hydrostatic initial stress is discussed. The problem has been solved numerically using a finite element method. Numerical results for the temperature distribution, the displacement components and the thermal stress are given and illustrated graphically. Comparisons are made with the results predicted by the theory of generalized ... Read more

Finite Element Analysis of Thermoelastic Fiber-Reinforced Anisotropic Hollow Cylinder with Dual-Phase-Lag Model
In the present paper, we have constructed the equations for generalized thermoelasticity of a fiber-reinforced anisotropic hollow cylinder. The formulation is applied in the context of dualphase-lag model. An application of hollow cylinder is investigated for the outer surface is traction free and thermally isolated, while the inner surface is traction free and subjected to thermal shock. The problem is ... Read more

2018-10-13 22:22:26 Keywords Thermoelastic, Fiber-Reinforced, cracked, Analytical solutions,
Analytical solutions of 2-D problem for cracked thermoelastic fiber-reinforced anisotropic material
In this article, the analytical solution of the 2D problem for cracked thermoelastic fiber-reinforced anisotropic material is investigated. The boundary of the crack is due to a prescribed temperature and stress distribution. In the case of one relaxation time, the generalized thermoelastic theory has been employed. In the transformed domain using exponential Fourier and Laplace transformations, the eigenvalues approach are ... Read more

Effect of initial stress on a fiber-reinforced anisotropic thermoelastic thick plate
The two-dimensional problem of generalized thermoelasticity for a fiber-reinforced anisotropic thick plate under initial stress is studied in the context of the Lord and Shulman theory. The upper surface of the plate is thermally insulated with prescribed surface loading while the lower surface of the plate rests on a rigid foundation and temperature. The problem is solved numerically using a ... Read more

Analytical solution of magnetothermoelastic interaction in a fiber-reinforced anisotropic material
The present paper is concerned with the investigation of the analytical solution of a fiber-reinforced anisotropic material under generalized magnetothermoelastic theory using the eigenvalue approach. Based on the Lord-Shulman theory, the formulation is applied to generalized magnetothermoelasticity with one relaxation time. Based on eigenvalue approach, exponential Fourier transform and Laplace techniques, the analytical solutions has been obtained. The inverses of ... Read more

2018-10-06 13:47:43 Keywords magnetic field, Thermoelastic, GN-III theory, Fiber-Reinforced,
The effect of magnetic field on a thermoelastic fiber-reinforced material under GN-III theory
In this work, the two-dimensional generalized magneto-thermoelastic problem of a fiber-reinforced anisotropic material is investigated under Green and Naghdi theory of type III. The solution will be obtained for a certain model when the half space subjected to ramp-type heating and traction free surface. Laplace and exponential Fourier transform techniques are used to obtain the analytical solutions in the transformed ... Read more

2018-10-02 21:20:51 Keywords Thermoelastic, Anisotropic Medium, Fiber-Reinforced,
A Review on Generalized Thermoelastic Interaction in a Fiber-Reinforced Anisotropic Medium
The present study deals with the review on the development of the theory of generalized thermoelasticity in a fiber-reinforced anisotropic medium. The basic equations are applied in context of Lord and Shulman12 theory, Green–Lindsay13 and Green and Naghdi18 theory of generalized thermoelasticity are reviewed. Analytical and numerical methods in literature are also reviewed. Read more

A dual phase lag model on thermoelastic interaction in an infinite fiber-reinforced anisotropic medium with a circular hole
The model of generalized thermoelasticity proposed by dual phase lag (DPL), is applied to study the thermoelastic interactions in an infinite fiber-reinforced anisotropic medium with a circular hole. A decaying with time thermal field on the boundary of the hole, which is stress free, causes the thermoelastic interactions. The solutions for displacement, temperature, and stresses are obtained with the help ... Read more

The effect of magnetic field on thermal shock problem for a fiber-reinforced anisotropic half-space using Green-Naghdi's theory
This article presents a two-dimensional problem of generalized thermoelasticity for a fiber-reinforcement anisotropic half-space under a thermal shock at its upper surface. The effects of initial stress and rotation are both studied. Green and Naghdi's theory of thermoelasticity is employed to study the present problem. The inclusion of reinforcement anisotropic elastic parameter is made and two additional terms are added ... Read more

2018-10-02 16:30:55 Keywords magnetic field, Thermal shock, anisotropic, Fiber-Reinforced,
Thermal shock problem for a fiber-reinforced anisotropic half-space placed in a magnetic field via GN model
The generalized magneto-thermoelasticity theory, based on Green–Naghdi model, is used to study the thermal shock problem of a fiber-reinforced anisotropic half-space. The solid half-space deforms because of thermal shock, and due to the application of the magnetic field. Maxwell’s equations are formulated and the generalized coupled governing equations are derived. Finite element method with the Laplace transform technique is used ... Read more