Prof. Dr. Ibrahim A. Abbas

Professor - Department of Mathematics

Faculty of science

Address: Sohag University, Egypt.



Publications Which contain the keyword: fractional order thermoelastic

2018-10-02 12:46:09 Keywords fractional order thermoelastic,
Plane deformation due to thermal source in fractional order thermoelastic media
The present investigation deals with the deformation due to thermal source in a thermally elastic body with fractional order derivative. As an application of the approach; a particular type of continuous thermal source has been taken. The displacement and stress components and temperature distribution are obtained and presented graphically to illustrate the effect of fractional order derivatives. Read more

2018-10-02 16:07:30 Keywords fractional order thermoelastic, Thermoelasticity,
A problem on functional graded material under fractional order theory of thermoelasticity
The present work is concerned with the solution of a problem on fractional order theory of thermoelasticity for a functional graded material. The governing equations of fractional order generalized thermoelasticity with one relaxation time for functionally graded materials (FGM) (i.e. material with spatially varying material properties) are established. These equations are expressed in Laplace transform domain. The analytical solution in ... Read more

Eigenvalue approach to fractional order thermoelasticity for an infinite body with a spherical cavity
In this article, we consider the problem of a thermoelastic infinite body with a spherical cavity in the context of the theory of fractional order thermoelasticity. The inner surface of the cavity is taken traction free and subjected to a thermal shock. The form of a vector–matrix differential equation has been considered for the governing equations in the Laplace transform ... Read more