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Assessment of Biochemical and Histopathological Effects of Crude Venom of Cone Snail Conus flavidus on albino Mice
The genus Conus is equipped with a unique venomous mixture of conopeptides which secreted for predation and defense purposes. This work is aiming to explore and determine the effect of the crude venom of Conus flavidus, a wormhunting cone snail inhabiting the Red Sea, on the oxidant/ antioxidant system in mice using some oxidative stress biomarker assays. In addition to ... Read more

Color Polymorphism in the Sea Slug Berthellina citrina (Rüppell and Leuckart, 1828) (Heterobranchia: Notaspidea: Pleurobranchidae) from the Red Sea
_Berthellina citrina _(Rüppell and Leuckart, 1828) is a common Pleurobranchid gastropod in the intertidal area of the Red Sea. It has distinct color pattern variation from pale yellow, orange to red. The present study aimed to evaluate whether the variation of these color patterns are due to polymorphism, or may be speciation. Anatomically, the three color patterns showed variations in ... Read more

Three pleurobranch species; Berthellina citrina (Ruppel and Leuckart, 1828), Pleurobranchus grandis (Pease, 1868) and Pleurobranchus albiguttatus (Bergh, 1905) were collected from seven sites in the upper intertidal zone, on the North Western Coast of the Red Sea; Egypt. They inhabit the lower surfaces of medium sized stones in pools containing water all the time. A redescrpition of Berthellina citrina was ... Read more

2018-09-24 09:49:36 Keywords Octopus vulgaris, Red Sea, SEM, intestine, Radula, Digestive tract, Anatomy,
Anatomical and histological studies on the digestive tract of octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797, from the Red Sea,
The digestive tract of _Octopus vulgaris_ consists of the buccal mass complex with a beak and radula, oesophagus, crop, stomach, caecum, digestive gland, intestine and salivary glands. The buccal mass contains the lower and upper beaks, radular apparatus and salivary papilla. Each beak consists of a hood and lateral walls; two wings are present in the lower beak only. The ... Read more

2018-09-24 10:44:54 Keywords Aplysiidae, Numerical taxonomy, UPGAMA cluster, Sea hares, Red Sea,
Numerical taxonomic studies of some species of sea hares (Opisthobranchia: Anaspidea: Aplysiidae) from the Red sea Egypt.
A numerical taxonomic study of ten species of sea hares collected from the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea was conducted based on 135 morphological and anatomical characters. The family Aplysiidae represents two clades; the first clade includes the subfamily Aplysiinae and the second includes the remaining subfamilies namely: Dolabellinae, Dolabriferinae and Notarchinae. For the first clade, the subfamily Aplysiinae ... Read more

2018-09-27 00:02:00 Keywords Ink fluid, sea hare, Red Sea,
Ultrastructural study of the effect of the ink fluid of the sea hare  Aplysia  Dactylomela on the hepatocytes and kidney tubules of Mice
Sea hares are a group of marine molluscs which possess many ways for defense including the chemical defense. The hares produce ink fluid from the ink gland to escape and protect themselves from their enemies. The ink gland of sea hares secrete, the ink fluid which contains many bioactive factors acting against potential enemies with toxic activities. _Aplysia dactylomela_ is ... Read more

2018-09-28 14:42:47 Keywords Leptochelia erythraea, benthic tanaid, Red Sea,
Population biology of the benthic tanaid Leptochelia erythraea (Crustacea, Peracarida, Tanaidacea) inhabiting a sandy-rocky habitat on the North-Western Coast of the Red Sea, Egypt.
- Soliman, F.E., Ismail, T. G.., Ebtesam, A. Y. and Abdel aziz, M. E. (2012): Population biology of the benthic tanaid Leptochelia erythraea (Crustacea, Peracarida, Tanaidacea) inhabiting a sandy-rocky habitat on the North-Western Coast of the Red Sea, Egypt. Bul. Fac. Sci. Assiut Univ., 41 (2):45-66. Read more

2018-09-28 14:46:14 Keywords ostracods, Red Sea, distribution,
Distribution and Taxonomy of Shallow Marine Ostracods from the Western Coast of the Red Sea, Egypt.
Ebtesam A. Yousef. (2018): Distribution and Taxonomy of Shallow Marine Ostracods from 75-the Western Coast of the Red Sea, Egypt. Open Journal of Marine Science, 8, 51- Read more