Ahmed Ali Ahmed El-Khatib اد/ احمد الخطيب

Professor -

Faculty of science

Address: سوهاج ، مصر



Publications Which contain the keyword: Trees

Capture of particulate pollution by trees: a comparison of species typical of semi-arid area (Ficus nitida and Eucalyptus globules) with European and North American species
Particulate pollution is a serious concern in developed countries especially in urban and suburban areas where it has adverse effects on human health, exacerbating a wide range of respiratory and vascular illnesses. Data are now available which indicate that similar problems probably occur in countries in transition and may indeed be worse where national air quality standards have been neither ... Read more

Assessment of Some Important Tree Species for Production under Arid Zones Conditions
This work aimed to investigate seed germination and growth of five tree species under water stress conditions of arid zones. Two separated experiments were carried out to assess their seed germination and water stress tolerance. The first one studied the effect of four seed treatments, including scarification, soaking in water, soaking in ethanol and control with no treatment, on the ... Read more

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