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Faculty of medicine

Address: سوهاج - شارع الترعة المردومة - خلف المستشفى الجامعى



Publications Which contain the keyword: adult image content

2018-09-28 15:50:45 Keywords Image classification, adult image content, ANN,
Two phases neural network-based system for pornographic image classification
Samy Sadek, U. Sayed, and B. Michaelis, “Two phases neural network-based system for pornographic image classification,” in 5th International Conference: Sciences Of Electronic,Technologies Of Information and Telecommunications (SETIT’09), (TUNISIA), pp. 1–6, March 2009. Read more

Vision-Based Adult Image Content Identification
In recent years, a great deal of research work has been devoted to the problem of ltering and blocking adult content from Web indexes and browsers. By taking advantage of the fact that there is a substantial correlation between images with large patches of skin and adult images, the skin color detection can oer an eective and ecient way to ... Read more

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