Prof. Dr. Ibrahim A. Abbas

Professor - Department of Mathematics

Faculty of science

Address: Sohag University, Egypt.



Publications Which contain the keyword: deterioration

6.	A holistic approaches to the assessment of the groundwater destructive effects on stone decay in Edfu temple using AAS, SEM-EDX & XRD
The objective of this study is to investigate the groundwater influences on sandstone in Horus temple, in addition to studying the deterioration processes affecting the temple building materials. Specific investigations were carried out to measure the groundwater features and quality both inside and outside the temple to evaluate the resulted deterioration processes. Our results argue that the temple was built ... Read more

2018-09-16 10:01:56 Keywords XRD, EDX, Red spots, weathering, deterioration, Granite,
15.	Analytical investigations of disintegrated granite surface from the Un-finished obelisk in Aswan  Int. J. of ArchaeoScience, Vol. 35
The deterioration of natural stone monuments is subjected to different external reasons that take place through different weathering factors, in addition to other several factors concerning the stone itself “internal reasons” mainly pore structure and permeability index. All of these factors lead to the formation of altered surface layers, then damaging the original stone components. Here, red weathering, one of ... Read more

The impact of the climatic conditions on the decaying of Jordanian basalt: Exfoliation as a major deterioration symptom
Climatic conditions (temperature, relative humidity, wind blowing and rainfall) are the main factor of deterioration affecting the archaeological building in Jordan. The annual averages of climatic elements in the Umm Qeis area during the last 30 years are 15.49 Co temperature, 24.63% relative humidity, 283 mm rainfall and 16.63 knots for the wind speed. These factors represent some of the ... Read more

2018-09-02 13:17:09 Keywords landuse, change, hydrogeology, deterioration, temple of Medamoud, Luxor, Egypt,
Preliminary investigation of the impact of landuse change and the hydrogeological conditions on deterioration of the Temple of Medamud, Luxor, Egypt.
The Temple of Medamud is one of the most valuable temples at Luxor that is currently threatened by agricultural expansion and urban encroachment since the last fourty years. The temple is currently threate sewage water from the increasingly urban encroachment were different forms of deterioration are noted represented by salt efflorescence on the temple remains, soil salinization on the ground, ... Read more

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