Xenophon presents a unique opportunity. As the author of Hellenic history,
campaign record, biography, encomium, Socratic dialogues, constitutional
analysis, economic treatise and training manuals, his repertoire is diverse
in its interests and forms. His personal history places him successively
(where he grew to early adulthood through the twenty-seven
years of the Peloponnesian War and became part of the circle around the
gure of Socrates), in various parts of Anatolia, the Levant
and Mesopotamia (serving as a mercenary and commander in Persian and
Spartan service), at the small town of Scillus in the Peloponnese (where he
lived just across the river from Olympia on an estate given to him by the
Spartans), and 
nally (perhaps) back in Athens, when the long years of exile
were over and he was eventually able to go home.1 Here is amanwho lived in
the world, observed it, contemplated it, and then wrote about it, all the while
tapping into, experimenting with, and contributing to new developments
in prose. His proli
c output embraces people and events past and present,
recast into narratives of political con􀀀ict, military endeavour, educational
journey, conversational encounter and constitutional development.at Athens