This paper presents a recent metaheuristic optimization approach of multi-verse optimizer (MVO) to design load frequency control (LFC) based model predictive control (MPC) incorporated in large multi-interconnected system. The constructed system comprises six plants with renewable energy sources (RESs). MVO is employed to determine the optimal parameters of MPC-LFC to achieve the desired output of the interconnected system in case of load disturbances. The presented system comprises reheat thermal, hydro, photovoltaic (PV) model with maximum power point tracker (MPPT), wind turbine (WT), diesel generation (DG), and superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES). The integral time absolute error (ITAE) of the frequencies and tie-line powers deviations is proposed as objective function. The effects of governor dead zone and generation rate constraint (GRC) of thermal plants are considered. The performance of the proposed MPC optimized via MVO is compared with the other designed via intelligent water drops (IWD) and genetic algorithm (GA). Additionally, the robustness of the proposed MPC-LFC based MVO with variation of the system parameters is presented. The obtained results confirmed the superiority and reliability of the proposed controller compared to the others.