ABSTRACT: This research shows methods of using sisal and flax ropes as an alternative of steel bars reinforcement processing with chemical processing by chemical substance (kimapoxy 150), As they can be used instead of steel, they are with different ratios (25-50-75-100) % of steel value. Various tests were carried out as cold bending, bond strength test, tensile strength of ropes and flexural strength of beams to determine the performance of alternative solution compared reinforcement beams to identify the difference and whether they can be used instead of steel. After replacing steel, it was shown that they are not fully similar to all steel properties. Beams reinforcement by sisal and flax ropes higher than steel in deflection, Using 50% of fiber ropes in RC beams give a good performance in flexural test. It was found that the strength of the reinforced concrete for beams was significantly decreased, whereas Plasticity Index was improved, compared to those unreinforced concrete beams.