Egypt's desert covers more than two-thirds of the country's entire surface area. As a result, in recent years, the Egyptian government has tended to exploit those spaces by constructing new cities, such as New Sohag. The city of New Sohag was founded in the western desert near the Nile River. Although, these new cities appear to be a cure for a variety of issues, including traffic congestion, population growth, the building of a new road network, and so on. However, most of the soil in these cities is problematic. This type of soils, which may pose engineering challenges when uncovered beneath pavements or foundations, have sparked worldwide interest in recent years. In this study, several ratios of novel polymer additives (Dust Shield) were introduced to the swelling soil of subgrade foundation at New Sohag city, which were employed as supporting pavements, with 1, 2 , 3, and 4 % by dry weight of soil. Increasing additives resulted in an increase in maximum dry density, California bearing ratio, and unconfined compressive strength, as well as a decrease in plasticity index and swelling pressure, according to the results of various tests. This research determined the best dosage amounts for each of the additives studied. Based on the findings, it can be inferred that Dust Shield may effectively improve the expanding soil.