To verify and compare the therapeutic efficacy and safety of superficial cryotherapy using dimethyl ether and propane (DMEP) mixture vs. microneedling in the treatment of mild scalp alopecia areata (AA). In a prospective randomized single-blinded clinical trial, 80 patients with clinically evident scalp mild AA were randomly assigned into two groups of 40 patients each. Group (1) was treated by superficial cryotherapy using DMEP in three freeze-thaw cycles of 5 s each. Group (2) was treated by microneedling. Both groups were treated every 2 weeks for 6 sessions and followed up for 3 months after the last session. Patients were assessed by photographic documentation, trichoscopic evaluation, severity of alopecia tool (SALT) score, and alopecia areata symptom impact scale (AASIS). An excellent response was achieved in 15 (37.5%) of group (1) compared with 14 (35%) of group (2) patients, while a good response was achieved in 23 (57.5%) of group (1) compared with 21 (52.5%) of group (1) patients, with a statistically insignificant difference. The mean SALT score change percentage was a statistically significantly higher in group (2) patients. The mean AASIS change percentage was higher in group (1) patients, but this was a statistically insignificant. In both groups, the mean numbers of trichoscopic signs of AA significantly decreased from baseline to the end of follow-up period. Both therapeutic modalities were well-tolerated, with no recurrence after the follow-up period. Both superficial cryotherapy using DMEP mixture, and microneedling are simple, effective, and safe therapeutic options for mild scalp AA, however, microneedling showed higher efficacy.