A series of new 4-tosyloxyphenylpyranderivatives 3-11 were efficiently synthesized via one-pot, multicomponent
reaction (MCRs) of 4-tosyloxybenzaldehyde
1, malononitrile and some ketonic reagents through green chemistry
protocols using Ultrasonic irradiation technique or stirring in water at room temperature. All products were
obtained in excellent yield, pure at low cost processing and short time. The structure of all compounds was
characterized by spectral and elemental analysis. Anti-inflammatory activity screening for all compounds was
determined in vivo by the acute carrageenan-induced paw oedema standard method in rats. In general, the newly
synthesized compounds
4,10 and 11showed the best anti-inflammatory activity compared to Indomethacin and
Celecoxib (reference standards).The newly synthesized compounds were assessed via PASS software
and showed
high probability of Cystinylamino peptidase inhibitor, Anti-ischemic, Neurodegenerative diseases treatment and