The self-oscillating flyback converter is a popular circuit for cost-sensitive applications due to its simplicity and low component count. This paper presents self-oscillating fly-back converter for mobile batteries charging applications. The converter is designed to step-down the high voltage input to an acceptable level from 220 VAC to 7VDC. By adding indictor and capacitor the power factor and input currant increased, and became 500mA, where the old input currant was 250mA, Diode was connected between Emitter and collector, so the output voltage was improved, and has less ripple, in addition to the soft switching was obtained,  simulation model is developed by using MULTISIM software. The operation principle of this converter is described using some operating waveforms based on simulation results and a detailed circuit operation analysis. Analytical results are verified by laboratory experiment. With an input of 220 VAC, 500mA and an output of 7V DC, the efficiency of circuit was75%.