3D two adjacent buildings with different heights founded in different kinds of soil connected with viscous dampers groups, with especial arrangement in plane, were investigated. Soil structure interaction for three different kinds of soil (stiff, medium and soft) were modeled as 3D Winkler model to give the realistic behavior of adjacent buildings connected with viscous dampers under various earthquake excitations taking in the account the effect of different kinds of soil beneath the buildings, using SAP2000n to model the whole system. A range of soil properties and soil damping characteristics are chosen which gives broad picture of connected structures system behavior resulted from the influence soil-structure interaction. Its conclusion that the response of connected structures system founded on soft soil are more critical than those founded on stiff soil. The behavior of connected structures is different from those with fixed base bigger by nearly 20%, and the efficiency of viscous dampers connecting the two adjacent buildings is reduced by nearly 25% less than those founded on stiff soil.