A clinical study conducted on 74 animals affected with umbilical abscess, umbilical hernia, pre-sternal bursitis or olecranon bursitis. Minor modifications were made for different treatment methods and outcome of different surgical interventions were recorded. Results revealed that the gauze is better than plastic tube as a drain for abscess, fabricated sterile mesh is better than mattress suture for closure of hernia ring, surgical excision of pre-sternal bursitis with lateral suture line is better than ventral suture line, ventral incision of the pre-sternal bursa is better than lateral incision, and excision of olecranon bursa with creation of lateral suture line is better than caudal suture line. It is concluded that minor modification
of well-known surgical techniques can affect the outcome of
surgical interventions.
Key words: Bursa, Hernia, Ruminants, Swelling, Umbilical abscess.