Three pleurobranch species; Berthellina citrina (Ruppel and Leuckart, 1828), Pleurobranchus grandis (Pease, 1868) and Pleurobranchus albiguttatus (Bergh, 1905) were collected from seven sites in the upper intertidal zone, on the North Western Coast of the Red Sea; Egypt. They inhabit the lower surfaces of medium sized stones in pools containing water all the time. A redescrpition of Berthellina citrina was carried out and the main recorded new criteria were: the color variation within the individuals, the structure of the shell, gill,
jaws and radula. Also,
Pleurobranchus grandis characterized by having large sized individuals. The anterior part of the mantle divided into two lobes that overlap with each other and its dorsum has reddish brown and white polygons arranged in special manner. As for P. albiguttatus; it has triangular white marks or patches inside randomly scattered brown tubercles. The tips of the white triangular patches are directed towards the mantle edge. In addition to these taxonomic criteria some ecological information as the temporal and spatial distribution of the three species have been evaluated.