Background: Violence against woman is a pervasive public health issue. Domestic violence (DV) committed by husbands
against their wives is the most common type of violence and has many negative impacts on physical and mental health of
women and their children. Objectives: The aim of this study is identification of magnitude and determinants of DV among
ever married women in Sohag, Egypt. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted in 3 months duration
from March to May on a sample of 490 ever married women selected from Sohag city and six nearby villages using selfadministered
questionnaire. The used questionnaire was consisted of two sections, the first included sociodemographic data
of the women and their husbands (age, residence, education, working, and marital status) while the second section assessed
exposure to DV in the past 12 months (verbal, emotional, and physical violence). Results: The prevalence of DV was 58.1%.
Low level of education, being homemakers, husband age more than 40 years, husband-wife age difference more than 10 years,
and husband substance abuse were important predictors of DV among the surveyed women. Conclusion: This study uncovers
exposure of high percentage of women in Sohag, Egypt, to several types of DV and its negative impacts on their health. It also
highlights the need for empowerment of women by education, public awareness, and social support legislations.