From August 28th to October 18th, 2012, the Egyptian-German joint mission of Sohag University, Freie Universität Belin and Johannes Gutenberg- Universität Maiz conducted its tenth season of fieldwork in the ancient necropolis situated in the western mountain of Asyut (Gebel Asyut al-gharbi). The fieldwork focused on the following tombs/ activities: Tomb V (Khety I; First Intermediate Period), Northern Soldiers-Tomb (H11.1; Dynasty 11), Tomb I (Djefai-Hapi, Dynasty 12), Tomb of Dogs (Late Period to Roman Period). In addition to that, due to the surveying previously unknown structures were discovered, that will be discussed on the following pages: Middle Kingdom Tomb M12.3, spolia of  a New Kingdom temple on the mountain plateau (Kôm el-Shuqafa), and a depot of Late Roman pottery.