The optical and electrical properties of the as-prepared and annealed SnxSb20Se80−x (where
x = 8, 10, 12, 13.5, 15, 16.5 and 18 at.%) thin films were studied. X-ray diffraction showed that all the
as-prepared Sn-Sb-Se films were amorphous. Annealing the films at 473 K or above crystallized the films
and the degree of crystallinity depended on the Sn content. The optical transmittance and reflectance were
measured in the wavelength rang 200–2500 nm. The estimated optical band gap was found to decrease
with increasing Sn content. A great difference in the optical constants values due to transformation from
amorphous to crystalline phase structure of the films were found after annealing. This is advantageous for
optical disk data storage applications. It was found that the resistivity decreases with increasing temperature
for all the compositions indicating that these films have a semiconducting behavior with thermally
activated conduction. The conduction in these films was suggested to be thermally assisted charge carrier
movement in the extended states. Annealing the films caused a reduction in the room temperature
resistivity by six order of magnitude. This was ascribed to the amorphous-crystalline transformation